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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by YANK60, Oct 21, 2005.

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  1. This is from google satellite. I think it's Buckingham palace, but I'm not sure.


    Expanded view:


    Some pretty cool sh*t. Link
  2. Most of us on this site are British, so please don't take any offence when we tell you that we already know where both London and Buckingham Palace is. :wink:
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Indeed, Google Earth is a wonderful resource - pity we can;t get it on DII, though :(

    Check out Basra Airport and the Palace. You can see Hercs on the runway, a Chinook, and all the tent cities.

    Could be particularly useful if you were looking for mortar targets.....

    Oh, and for our US pals, that is indeed Buckingham Palace in the top piccy.
  4. I know that, I'm just having a little fun. :lol: And I've never been to London myself, so cut me some slack.
  5. & if you rotate, tilt & zoom in.........



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  6. looks like the guards are playing "space invaders" on the front :lol:
  7. Have recently seen pictures from Google Earth used in a presentation to show that sort of thing... :? Does anyone have any ideas on how that sort of thing could be controlled?

    Discussion point: Is the availability of this type of satellite imagery creating unwanted attention from those who may be against coalition forces? Is there any way to protect ourselves from this (short of nuking the Google Earth site :lol:)

  8. I don't know what strategic value these images have, because they're not in real time. Here's a pic of my old Navy Squadron's hangar. I'm not saying where. You can probably count the aircraft. But how old is the image?

  9. These images are taken from commercial satellites and are available to anyone who is willing to pay, ie Google, who then give it to us for free. Building and launching these satellites is well within the capability of the larger third world countries such as China, India and Brazil. All of these nations are well up for a bit of foreign revenue, and can rightly argue that as these images are taken from Space, they do not violate any nations airspace, which is probably the only international law with which you could challenge this type of imagery. The technology is out of the box, and combined with the internet, it is just something we have to live with short of shooting satellites out of the sky. ( which I am sure is something the Spams have planned for..).

    On the plus side, imagery like this is only as useful as the skills of the people interpreting allow it to be, so there are plenty of opportunities for a bit of Maskirova, inasmuch as it can be used to deceive as well as inform. ( I am not quite sure how you could disguise Buck Palace, though..)
  10. Disguising Buckingham Palace? Easy, it could be disguised as a flat fronted run down civil service office without any architectural merit.
  11. That's if you were aiming to destroy the aircraft on the pan. If you were targeting a building.... it doesn't matter how old the picture is, buildings tend not to move around all that much. :?
  12. ...which is more relevant to the point I was making. People with evil intent will already have a fair idea of the location of their intended target, but details such as the layout of buildings etc will assist greatly in planning attacks (e.g. Mortar Fire Plans), as this information tends not to appear on maps. This is, of course, assuming that anti-coalition forces actually plan their attacks ;)

  13. Alright, point made. I'm sitting here behind a computer, a virtual nobody with only basic computer skills, and a $13 per month internet connection, and I can zoom in on basically any military installation in the world with reasonable resolution. Google is free, but I know of a site that, for $60, will give you a 3 month subscription that will allow you to zoom in to 100 meters on virtually anyplace on Earth. My fear is that technology will improve to the point that someday these images will be in real time, and accesible by anyone with an internet connection. If your outside mowing your lawn, taking a p*ss, nude sunbathing or whatever, a million people may be watching. It's something to think about.
  14. To be fair i think camera phones are more of a worry ala 'happy slapping', pervy pictures taking in changing rooms buy paedos, people videoing themselves having sex with there ex then announcing in a packed pub that eveyone with bluetooth switch it on(that was quite funny though!)so they can see it!
    More to the point i find it amazing that during WWII pilots risked life and limb to get photos as near as they could too this quality and here we are, now, able to do it in the comfort of our homes,crazy.
  15. parts are well out of date, if you look close enough you can still find wembly stadium :roll: