London RV sometimes next week?



Anyone up for a beer in London sometime next week? I'm on leave as of COP tomorrow until I get on the skybridge on the 1st of Sep.

It'd be good to have a beer with the usual suspects before I do one.


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I was asking if anyone was around for a trip to the theatre, possibly to see 'Priscilla' oh I do love that, must have seen it a million times, OMG, it's fab. Cocktails darlings, we must have Cocktails, ooh did I say 'cock'? Ooooh get me i'm a one.
I'm not sure I'd rather have a few pints and a burger, but it's doubtful at this late stage.


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There's a couple of new bars in Clapham Junction that need investigating, more details when I get home and can chuck the links on here.

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