London remembrance parade

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by semper, Oct 25, 2004.

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  1. if you wanted to join the London whitehall parade , do you need permission or contact anybody in particular or can you just turn up and join the back ?
  2. The actual parade is by invite - organisers contact regimental assns, RBL regions etc with quota's. Not sure what would happen if you tagged on at the end. Can't see even the Met making a big deal but outside my experience.

    Personally, I prefer the local one. If I went to Lunnen and saw Livingstone I'd fall out and shoot the b*st*rd
  3. Disagree. Get in touch with someone, anyone.

    Cannot abide the thought of proud serried ranks of veterans and serving soldiers being marred by some ACF scrote in 'customised' OGs, an '85 smock, and a beret big enough to land JSF on.
  4. i think you will find a fair few ACF bods in the parades even the scouts by virtue of their service in WW2 as messenger boys etc
  5. You will need a ticket to gain access on to Horse Guards Parade - think of the security nightmare. Tickets available from The Royal British Legion, which you should all join if you are not already members. The membership is in a sad state of decline and needs some fresh blood. I collected for the Poppy Appeal for the first time this year, and it was a fascinating experience confronting the Great(?) British public and extracting money from them both on their doorsteps and on street corners. A real eye opener.
    The Remembrance (note the spellling) Parade is a wonderful occasion if you get the chance to 'get fell in'.