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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bromley, Jan 2, 2007.

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  1. Hi all

    Have a question on joining the London Regt, and would appreciate if any of you could offer me some advice...

    I have a limited military background in that I was in the ACF aged 13-17 (reached 4*/Sgt Maj) and then joined the army straight out of school, completely army barmy!

    Unfortunately, I snapped my achilles tendon in Basic and was Medically Discharged (1997)

    I then went off the rails a bit and got in trouble with the Police (did 240 community hours service for theft and had a couple of assault charges). This was however over 5 years ago, so am now clear as per the law.

    Just before I got in trouble with the Police, I tried to re-join (was homeless at the time) and the recruiting staff told me I'd be fine, however whilst at Aldershot I was told I couldnt join on the chosen enlistment date because I needed to do a medical as per the records and being a young rebel ********, I threw my toys out of the pram and went home early :oops:

    Im now 26, own me own home and have a very good job with a lovely missus, but I have a big void in that I failed with my ambition. May seem strange but its hard to accept my life now knowing that it aint what I want!

    This certainly aint a sob story (apologies if it appears so) but I was wondering if any of you reckon I'd have a chance to join the Londons' now?

    Cheers in advance if any of you could offer me your advice!
  2. By any chance - bearing in mind your chosen screen name... are you around Catford? Was your ACF there?

    Only asking as the London Scottish (being part of the London Regt) have a platoon there? (or at least they did.....)

    I am out of the loop as far as all this is concerned - having not been with Londons for more than a few years now - but in days as Pltn Commander had a few soldiers that had a slightly *ahem* 'colourful' past.

    Would have thought there was some sort of sliding scale - taking into account the nature of the offence and how long ago it was, and your personal circumstances then & now...... but the MOD may not see it with my slant of logic.

    Medically would have thought that a fresh, current medical would be required - especially in view of the prior inury.

    Best bet - go and speak to them in person some time - nothing to lose, everything to gain.

    edited for spelling mistake
  3. ACF was up in the Bedfordshire sticks fella, moved down to behave :wink:

    Cheers for the advice.
  4. Have a look at the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act

    From a quick glance, if you’ve stayed out of trouble for the last 5yrs then there should be no problem with you joining the TA.

    I’m not with the Londons but I can’t imagine any half decent unit turning you away so long as there isn’t any serious stains on your record.
  5. Don't forget to have a look at as we've two locations in London; Croydon and White City.
  6. On no account lie on your application form.

    You WILL be found out if you try.
  7. Thanks for this lads, is no way I'd lie regarding the application as they can take me for what they see!

    The reason I've waited this long is to clear the rehabilition of offenders act so it (hopefully) wont be an issue.

    Looks like my local unit is the Scottish in Catford, however (rightly or wrongly) I dont think I'm keen on joining the Scottish as I'm English through and through... however don't take that the wrong way Scotts' :D

    Have left my details with HQ, so fingers crossed. Wasn't aware of 4 Para in Croydon, so will take a butchers there too.

    Cheers again Gents.
  8. You also have RLC in that area if you are so inclined, but if its infantry for sure you should expand your horizons and look around. All units pay travel and as you are aware transport in London is pretty good. 4 Para are good, but so are the Royal Rifle Volunteers (soon to be the 7th battalion the Rifles). The Londons ok and their new role within the Brigade of Guards can only lead to good things. You should spend a month visiting the units you like the look of before you make up your mind - it will be worth it.
  9. Dont worry about that, most of the blokes serving are not Scottish either.

  10. Indeed - myself, and my fellow countrymen, were very much in the minority. Was a good bunch of guys though.
  11. well if your into wearing a pink skirt :p the london jocks would be ideal, if not you could always try the london irish in camberwell and wear a sleeping bag on your head instead :D
  12. should come back with some semi-witty retort but, alas :cry: , I agree about the pink, though not the skirt.

    kilts are great and Scottish units No2's and/or Mess Kit can be the dogs danglis... but the L.S 'hodden grey' never set well with me. :oops:

    Compared to the other dress of the day though (back in the mists of time), it was almost camoflague - but that was when it was actually grey. However successive cost cutting measures and change of suppliers etc gradually turned it into the luuuvverly shade of pink that it is today. I generally likened it to a bad salmon mousse.....

    Would rather have worn a G1098 blanket as a toga tbh.

    that may be close to a blasphemous thing to say so will make sure and atone promptly

    still, clothes do not maketh the man - except in the case of Paul O'Grady.
  13. You could try south a little, 3PWRR have C Coy in Rochester. Its a bit far to go maybe, but at least you'd be with a good capbadge!

    Given what you've said, and the fact that the TA, and the Army in general, is crying out for blokes, go along and have a chat. You'll be pleasently surpirsed.

    Sorry for any mong spelling, just got back to work.
  14. lol; brought me back to Catterick there. Picture the scene: bunch of Rangers standing around waiting to get processed, and 2 lads from the London Irish bimble over to say hello,

    'Awight lads, us facking lads wearin' caubeens should fackin' stick togevver, eh?

    'Fuck off you cockney cunt'
  15. maybe if you wore the fcukin thing correctly, :roll: you look like the french for fcuk sake!!! :lol:

    I'm kidding Mr Den... dont put me in solitary ........again!!! :eek: