London Regt and RGJ - Disband them now

Should every TA infantry Coy n london be disbanded

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PartTimePongo said:
Moderator, apologies to you.

For Fc*king fc*k's sake. Any one who fancies joing the TA as a bayonet technician could be forgiven for thinking three things.

1. There is only one Infantry Regiment, it is called the Londons
2. The Londons is composed of one cap badge, that think it's still 1803
3. Why would I join Infantry , because it's obviously toss, I read all the Londons' threads on Arrse.

The moderator , who is a mild mannered patient individual, has already warned he's at the end of his tether. I can't believe this bullsh*t is still going on. I also can't believe there are so called "Leaders of men" in the thick of it. It sets a poor example, and frankly makes you , and eventually the rest of us, a laughing stock.

It needs to stop right now, and tonight. I'm not speaking as a Moderator, there is a perfectly good and experienced one here , who does not make idle threats. I am speaking as a TA soldier, who is frankly embarrassed by all this bloody dirty laundry getting aired.

If I was the Crisp man ,(And you know how much he lurrrrves TA infantry, SDR ring a bell?) I'd be looking to give the Londons brown envelopes, as you're demonstrating very publicly , that unit cohesion has gone to a bag of bollox. It may not have, and you may be running a happy ship in Cockneyville , but that is NOT the impression you are giving.

It's the TA , everyone else out there is trying to f**k us over, and you're passing the ammunition and praising the Lord too.
What part of this thread didn't you get? Let it go for christs sake!
But if you got rid of the London Regt. where would all the ULOTC commisioned officers go after they've left uni?
No they're far too choosy, plus you have to relinquish your commision until they feel that you deserve to have it back.
The ICCY are good but they only have limited capacity, 2 commisions or so/year. Whereas the London Regt. seemingly have a limitless need for our talented experienced YO's. Plus we draw a shed load of our TA staff from the Londons one of whom has just become the OC of one of the RGJ coy's and could well come back as our 2ic. Think of all the undermanned student weekends that could occur, we'd have to spread the beer a little thicker.
orificecadet, may I ask why do you want to join the Army and become an officer? to spend your student weekend in the mess or to led men into battle?
I've obviously rattled someone's cage. I have suggested that all the bitch slapping needs to stop. It just looks really stupid. I also find that constantly reading tha same spite and bile is draining.

I also thought that arrse was designed by someone with a sense of humour, this all appears to be getting a little serious and people seem to be a little emotional about it all.

I dont have a job in the city, furthermore I dont want one and before any city types get upset it is not because I dont doubt your contribution to the greater good. I'm a working class lad dragged kicking and screaming off the Winstanely.

I'm interested to hear everybodies point of view on a whole range of subjects, so let us change this one. I also think it would be misguided to think arrse represented anything but the mutterings of a few technophobes.
I'm sick of all this toss, it isn't funny and it isn't clever. If you've joined the TA just to whinge, %&£" off and get a real job. Otherwise get down and fix it, cos whilst you're blathering away on this subject, YOU are part of the problem. I may only be a sprog, but bloody hell am I disgusted at this carry-on. Sort your sodding life out.
If only this wasn't the first anti Londons thread, lets not include the HAC into this.

Which London unit is next to self distruct online, 71 Sigs Regt perhaps?
Polar, for a Scalie Back you have forgotten to listen in. The Londons/RGJ are actually very professional, but the way that Higher has kept the debate open has been the disgrace here. Why can't they actually give the men on the ground solid info instead of keeping them hanging on, wondering if they have a future?

Your unit used to be a fine regiment, the Leeds Rifles. Is it because you have been shafted you are just greasing the running gear and hoping that the rest of the TA infantry (especially the London based units) self destruct?
Rifle-Green-Sex-Machine said:
Your unit used to be a fine regiment, the Leeds Rifles. Is it because you have been shafted you are just greasing the running gear and hoping that the rest of the TA infantry (especially the London based units) self destruct?
No not at all, although I am slightly miffed the Londons kept all their heritage and everyone lost theirs, thats not the fault of the Londons.

The avatar isn't from the Leeds Rifles, its related to FAS and a hint of a change being made.
Polar - nice to see someone up nice and early on a sunday morning! 8)

What is the unit of the soldier in the ciggy card then? It looks like a mill in the background, and the uniform is obviousely Rifles.

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