London Regt and others. Who is bored of...

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by tooth, Sep 29, 2005.

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  1. Bravo Bravo
  2. I hope this is enough to penetrate his Chobham skin
  3. Lets face it, I believe that there is more than one person posting as Bravo Bravo, is that allowed?

    In any case 'it' is a LIZARD!
  4. What is a Lizard in plain English?
  5. Its a Fusilier substitute for mong, t w a t, muppet, idiot, fcukwit and a host of others.
  6. barmine, dout it mate you know how thick these slack jackets are mate
  7. for 2 hours I thought this was who'd bored of the Londons thread!
  8. Ahhhhhhhhhhh "Yaz fookin Lizads"

    I believe he's running a pub now - Top bloke.

    Don't forget his other favourite Lance , "Yaz fookin leppahs"

    I do wonder about all this London in-fighting though, we're a composite and we don't have these arguments.

    Mainly because we know we're the superior Company, and they know it too :D

  9. ND,

    I understand it quite be quite difficult typing with a headstick, but TRY to make the effort with your grammar,

  10. as should you!
  11. Phair wun,

  12. And I did do a dubble poste two,

    Are I not speshul?
  13. "Mainly because we know we're the superior Company, and they know it too" :D[/quote]

    Gents - I have voted, but it is not a comment on any one individual. I'm a little bored of the slagging, we could be slagging people who thoroughly deserve it. That f**kin dawg for one, the bastard could sh*t for Ireland. On one memorable occasion I had to climb up a mountain of sh*t, plant a flag and take a good swing at him with a GS shovel just to get the dozy hound to move away from my office door. I broke the shovel and the great gray tw*t ran off howling!!! I f**king hate that dawg!!!

    PartTimePongo - I quoted you. What does that mean? I've already been nicked for speeding going past your place, can I expect wires at neck height next time?
  14. Read the fcuking votes boys, were bored of it all! Bitching about each other on here does not affect who gets the chop when the axe falls next, that is what it really boils down to in the end isn't it?

    Any support arms out there fancy a slanging match? No? Didn't think so, we all understand that there is no bit of the Army we can't do without, if there were then you can bet your bottom dollar the government wouldn't shell out for it!

    Oh and incase you haven't realised I voted yes! Bored bored bored bored bored! And before anyone one says it, I am fully aware that I don't have to read it but 3 threads of the same drivel.....................get out more!

    Cat amongst the pigeons...............................................GO! :D
  15. What the fcuk are you muppets trapping off about.

    I know Bravo Bravo is a cnut, however keep it simple stupid! All that birds will follow the trawler siht is bollox.

    I have never aired my dirty washing in public and i don't expect any one from MY company to do so now.