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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by diehard57, Jun 4, 2006.

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  1. Well it's been a couple of months since the Greenjackets went to pastures more rural and still no sign of any posts (that I've seen) of any infighting in the Londons that was so prevalent when they were there - why might that be I wonder? :wink:
  2. Maybe because they are away from a petty minded and suffocating regiment - they can operate as Riflemen should without the constaints of a heavy mentality. They are like a caged beast released back into the wild - where they can concentrate on the job in hand (much like when 4RGJ) and look forward to becomming a Bn of a new and enlightened regiment.

    I hope the Londons find what they are looking for, whatever it is. I really do. They are a good bunch of lads. But not Riflemen.
  3. well said that man :D
  4. they have to have a "o" group now to give a answer please wait a couple of weeks
  5. Londons is such a waste of time... can't make up their minds as to what cap badge they are going to use, what training they are going to carry out, which companies are involved... London reg is the worst regiment I have been a part of. Thank god I moved on to better parts.. and im not one of them jacket boys either.
  6. Look troops, why don't you all just fcuk off. Enough bumping your gums because the regiment didn't become some sort of jacket bast*rd child or collapse when you left.

    You jacket punters, I hope you have fun with the RRV. I met some good blokes from the light side whom I'd be happy to soldier with, but I also met some absolute choppers, some of which are prevalent on this site, stop making yourselves look like arrses, not doubt before long you'll be champfing how shite the RRV is and how no-one likes you even though you make up 99.99% of the regiment (yawn...).

    TSO, yes you're right, the Londons were not riflemen, they never were so why should they bemoan the fact?

    Cannon fodder, with your attitude I'm glad you left the regiment, how is life in the womans auxiliary balloon corps? Or was it 151 petrol delivery sqn?

    As for Diehards first post, the reason there is no infighting is that the original and current Coys get on, full stop.

    By the way, Jackets, please take your CO with you.
  7. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Take it you guys didnt get on then? Anything us from the RRV should know about?
  8. ViVictaVis you bi-curious sailor, I was saying exactly what the Londons is all about... unorgasined, no pride, no interest, no commitment... I could go on. No one in the londons has pride for the battalion! Never heard anyone say they love the regiment once.
  9. Has anyone on here been really kept up to date on the progress of the changes with in the londons?
    i know i havent and every time i ask i basically in not so many words get told to shut up great for morale, i feel as do from the sound of it from this thread tha most people in the lond regt feel without purpose and are not going anywhere with in the regiment i thought things would move quicker with the guards div alingment but see no changes at all apart from a flash on the arm?
  10. The Londons had Rifle Regiments as part of the over all group/Regiment in the great war, and the London Irish Rifles were a Rifle Regiment up untill amalgamation (Royal Irish Rangers) in 68/9

    but I understand what you mean, the "rump" London Regiment of the early 90's was certainly no rifle reg
  11. ViVictaVis - you mean you can't get a CO of your own? Nobody want the job then? I wonder why........
  12. Ok lads - stop arguing. Can't we behave like adults here?

    I'll do the job - I will come out of retirement and even wear a feather duster behind my cap badge to keep you all happy & content. I am a bit rusty but I am sure that you can get up to my standards within a year - I might even give you a few monthe grace for those of a more delicate disposition!
  13. Bollo(ks

    The London Regiment sent two companies back-to-back to Iraq. That in itself is a matter of some pride.

    From all accounts they did a cracking job in MND(SE) rgardless of the capbadge they wore.

    Just get back into your cave.
  14. and you'll be doing back to back tours of Wellington Barracks soon - mmmmmmmmmm!
  15. LOL please stop leave the red coat's alone. i thank you