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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by nomansland, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. Hi all

    I've wanted to join the TA for a while now and am interested in Infantry. My nearest unit is the London Regiment so will probably give them a ring in the near future. However when I searched for threads on the londons on here I was surprised at the amount of negative comments. My question(s) are, Are they really a bad mob, and if so why? And also, if anyone knows, will they rebadge to guards companies in the future or stay as pwrr/rrf/jocks ect.

    thanks for the help :wink:
  2. I'm not actually London Regiment, but I do a bit of training with them (a few weekends so far). I have to say they're a great bunch of people, from what I've seen of them anyway. I'd read the same kind of negative comments, and was thinking the same as you before I trained with them. I'm thankful to say I was pleasantly surprised! So what company are you thinking about joining? As for the rebadging, I know nothing about that I'm afraid.
  3. hi mate thanks for that

    I don't have my eye on a particular capbadge at the moment. I plan to visit a few different companies and make my decision based on what I find. Not sure if that's the right way to do it but thats what made the most sense to me.

    If i can ask, What role are your unit in, and did you find there was much difference between the different companies (besides capbadge)?
  4. I'll PM you in about half an hour and tell you all about it (trying to get work finished so I can go home)! As I said, I'm not actually London Regiment so I wont be able to give you that much run down on them, all the contact I've had with them is recruit training.
  5. The culture varies between the cap badges withe specifically a big difference between the RGJ Coys and the rest. To prevent yet another spat about the differnce just visit us on a Tuesday and make up your own mind. Lots of things will affect your decision including where you live and work as well as the reception you receive when you go to the TAC.

    The RGJ cap badges will be moving to joint the Royal Rifle Volunteers next month but this will not have any affect on our location itself we will still be in Mayfair and still working as an infantry company as before.
  6. Bizarrly most of the negative comments come from within our own ranks. So, if anyone reading this has made such comments - well done ( not. )

    As S_T_A indicates, the Regiment will shortly be losing the RGJ cap badged elements. It makes sense to consder your location rather than the actual unit - where would you parade?

  7. F and D companies are both an only an hour or so on the tube so i'll give them a ring.
    When the RRV becomes part of the rifles, will the companies still be in the same location?

    thanks all
  8. Yes.

    F are RGJ: D are London Irish.
  9. Ummmm

    i smell a rat !!!!!!
  10. Right!!! Couldnt resist!!
    F & G are leaving the Londons next month. The London Regmient is a good bunch. They have had some good tours of late. The RGJ element combined is the biggest part of the London Regt and im sure they will miss us when we leave. However, they will be marching so hard and polishing so hard , the Jackets pompuss style will be a distant memory.
    The Jackets - both F & G are a good bunch and work closely. G coy are moving into GPMG's and F coy have Mortors .. as well as Rifle platoons at both locations. Both are great assets which will def set us aside for the new RRV set up.
    My advice would be be look around the Companies in the London Regt and see what feels best. Remember, the joy of the tube means that any TAC is easily accessable!
    Im sure i dont need to harp on too much about The Green Jackets and their style , panash , professionalism blaa bllaaa blaa .. oops.. Im getting all excited about the thought of the guns!!!
  11. Had... the Jocks now have them.

    The RRV have a fully-scaled Mortar Platoon and so there is no room for the ( former ) Putney Plumbers.
  12. I heard B_B that you was going to get a tube ( not the choo choo type ).
  13. lol, now now children let's not start
  14. You beat me to it. Lest we upset our former colleauges and restart that thread again..............
  15. No plans to move, will just change our name. Even crossrail is not meant to affect us. Most likely influence is that our new colonel now wants an office in London :roll: .