London Regiment - why so unpopular?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by donut_dodger, Apr 21, 2010.

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  1. Londoners just a lazy bunch

  2. The headshed are MBE chasers who aren't in it for the right reasons

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  1. Does anybody have an insight as to why the London regiment is so poorly manned these days?

    It surprises me that in a City of 10+ million they struggle to fill platoons / get get critical mass on weekends etc...

    What is going wrong? Are other units in the same position?

    Are Londoners just a lazy bunch, or are the headshed MBE chasers who aren't in it for the right reasons?
  2. Or..

    c) You're a cock.

    Answer: c) You're a cock.
  3. er who said they were unpopular.....?

    I was in Warcop last weekend with them and never heard any of that...
  4. I agree with Scavenger.

    What you mean is, you were a member of the London Regiment. You have been for about 5 years, and have never been promoted for being fcuking useless. Now they've booted you out for being fcuking useless. But you assume that because you went on loads of weekends and at least thought about going on tour, it can't be your fault, it must be the fault of the people at the top of the chain who couldn't pass a CFT or an APWT and just want some post nominals.

    Don't worry, there are plenty of people in the TA who feel the same.
  5. I was at Warcop last weekend also.

    It might be all the crazy headdress they are made to wear.

    There was all kinds.
  6. how about they're all on tour? Nothing to do with unpopularity. lunatic.
  7. 70% of the London Population is is foreign

    There you go

  8. Ohh! A londons thread, not had one of them for a while. I'd thought they'd disbanded... Odds on a HAC thread in 2 weeks.... No bets on a RSigs/BOWMAN/2 Sig Bde thread though
  9. There was fecking loads of them at Warcop on the weekend just gone, ******* even got longer on HMG than we did. Hiraldo's!
  10. Just make sure you watch out when there's a GPMG WHT being carried out
  11. hehehe
  12. Thought the PARA's stole most of the Heavy Wpn time?... :desertsoldier:
  13. Actually, it's the other way around. 30% of people Greater London were born overseas and a fair amount of them are actually British Citizens who happened to be born abroad.

    More to the point around 11% of the British Army are foreigners, so it's not necessarily a bar to recruitment is it?

    To the original poster. Among all the other things that glaringly absent from your list of reasons, you neglect to mention that the Londons are far from the only TA Infantry unit that recruits in the TA. There's also 7 Rifles, 4 Para and 3 R Anglian.

    Hope everyone learned something new from this post. Consider yourselves educated! :D
  14. Funnier :lol: That 4para full screw had me in stitches, he was like a young Alf Garnett :D
  15. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Breath like a shit smuggler's duffle bag, and teeth like a Kosovan graveyard? :D

    Still more impressive than the oatmeal savages falling out of the transport stinking of booze and fags, then walking round in a fog of cheap beagle fumes all weekend!