London Regiment Patrols Weekend

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by londonregiment1, Feb 23, 2009.

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  1. So, as the title suggests, any thoughts from the weekend just gone?

    Starter for 10, I thought the Saturday was good. It was bloody hard work at times but that's what we (mostly) joined for isn't it? It was great to get out on the ground doing infantry stuff, can anyone remember the last patrols comp we ran? Three years ago I think. I also liked how they worked the Nav and CFT MATTS into it, it made doing your MATTS hugely more interesting and relevant- it's how it should be done. Lets have some more please.

    Maybe a thought for next year if you're reading this CO, Sir, (I know you're on ARRSE), it would be simple to have BCD and NBC stands, perhaps instead of the observation stand and the putting up a fcuking 9x9 tent stand (stupid idea that by the way, who was responsible for that idiocy?). This would A) Give people more of an incentive to take part in the competition as they'd knock out 4 MATTS in one go and B) Result in better training. BCD=Good training value. Putting up a tent=Pointless tasks which leaves the lads thinking it's only been included to fcuk them around a bit cos HQ Coy can't be fcuked to run a proper stand (big suprise). If you can book a training area with a range, you could even have a stand which included the APWT.

    What a refreshing weekend that would be- an interesting, challenging and enjoyable weekend where you do a series of tasks relevant to the job we'll be doing in Afghanistan next year, in competition against teams from your own and other companies, AND get your MATTS (Less V&S, even I'm not suggesting we incorporate that into a patrols comp!!) out of the way at the same time. It would be fan-fcuking-tastic.

    Negative points, I think the stands could have been closer together, it was a pity that not all the teams, through no fault of their own, weren't allowed by the DS to do the last stand they reached, whichever one it was, due to the time. A few km less of tabbing wouldn't have detracted much from the exercise, seeing as the aim of the game is training, and surely you gain a lot more from doing a stand and the debrief afterwards than you do from just trudging up a track for an extra hour?

    The Sunday was nosh IMHO. No training value whatsoever, the DSs hearts weren't in it, and despite wanting to, we weren't let do a proper OP. I'm sorry if this sounds too harsh, but being told the whole section needed to be in extended line so that everyone could see whats going on just isn't cricket. Especially when you can see three other teams watching the same location, who you're just told to ignore. Doesn't add to the realism...
    And as for the "contact" at the end, next time you want to get rid of buckshee ammo, just let us Beirut unload. It's more fun, and quicker. Or just tell us to loose it.

    The final parade was a nice touch, apart from the whole clean pressed set of combats thing. If it had been a barrack weekend, yeah, I'd totally agree. But if you're in the field for two nights, I fail to see the advantage of making blokes carry a spare set of combats around with them just so that they'll look smart for half an hour before they're dismissed. It just adds to the bloke's sense of getting fcuked about for no good reason.

    I realise my last two paragraphs are a bit critical, so I'll try to finish on a high note. I thoroughly enjoyed the Saturday, there were 4 good stands there along with the 1 pointless one which I already mentioned. The tabs in between had the Trg Maj's stamp all over them, especially the monster one between C and HQ Coy stands!! Nonetheless, it was really good to get out in the field getting dirty and tired, but going home with a real sense of having achieved something notable. Not to mention wiping out two MATTS!
  2. Ah, the Londons raising the bullsh1t bar again! :p
  3. So that you looks smart and get to clean off before going back to base?

    You should have a spare set of combats anyway.
  4. and what if you had need to wear that spare set? I'd say that a final parade in clean combats after a patrols weekend would make the lads look soft and like they hadn't done anything harder than stroll across the meadows looking at interesting flora and fauna.

    By the way, was there a winner or was it just a FTX?
  5. is this how exercise wash ups happen now, a sort of anonymous democratic, "let their voices be heard," lets hang all our washing out in public kind of thing?

    If so, I think it's an excellent development. The rest of us can sit back and score different units. No need to limit it, we can also score sub units post adventure training reports or even individuals doing beat-ups. Obviously, we'll need a clever bloke from the Signals or Int, or perhaps a geeky 15 year old cadet, to standardise the scoring system but this could be a thundering prospect. Once we get going we can place bets on the outcome before kick off, in aid of charity obviously, and I can see a Fantasy Inter Regimental/Corp Exercise League taking off like a polaris missile. Once off the ground we could even go real time, following units on the ground with mobile phone tracking. Well done londonregiment1 - you could be on to something here son. Thats the sort of forward thinking that makes the rest of us proud.
  6. don't forget the clever blokes down the road, the ones with Rifle green berets. And there is also 21, they have the highest proportion of degree qualified soldiers in the army.

    Actually, its been a while since we had a London bitch thread. Being plastic woodentops must have been keeping improper multi cap badge gripes at bay.
  7. Bumper, Why shouldn't our voices be heard? Your post is quite simply ridiculous.

    I think that a discussion of the weekend is quite likely to throw up some good ideas to improve the training, which may or may not be read by our CO, or someone elses CO, and if they like the ideas too then training will improve. No one's suggesting it will ever be perfect, but we can do our best to make it better.

    Or are you one of those idiots who thinks that training plans and suchlike are the preserve of the field officers. Arrse is a great place for junior ranks who wouldn't otherwise have a say to make their views and wishes known, albeit anonymously. You will find that there's a lot more operational experience amongst the JNCOs/SNCOs of most TA regiments than in the Officer's Mess of the same.

    You touch children.
  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    You were doing reasonably well until you resorted to the childish insults and inaccurate comparisons of the operational experience of the respective messes.

    Try again without sounding like a petulant child and people may actually take notice.
  9. you stupid boy
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    First, if you are going to run a "shadow login" at least have the sense to remember which one you are posting in!

    Secondly, are the Londons really that short of operational experience in the Officers' mess? It didn't seem to be the case with the ones I have met. Also, the training programme is generally drafted by the TM. Unless yours is TA, he will be a regular A/Maj or Maj and will definately have operational and training experience.

    3 FP tours does not make you an expert in training. It can certainly give you some ideas, but does not guarantee the experience of the dramas of planning and implementing training.

    How about instead of gobbing off in the bar, you arrange a time during training to discuss this with the relevant people? Stella fuelled gibberish shouted at you in the bar does not register as well as a reasoned sensible discussion at 2000hrs.


    Sadly Poor_Bloody_Infantry has deleted his post which clearly showed that he and londonregiment1 are one and the same. It also makes my post look like a lunatics ravings. Ho hum.
  11. Agree that the Saturday was good - was hopefully an eye-opener to the powers that be that the standard of the average grunt needs to be increased before mobilisation early next year, both in terms of fitness and skill-set... I understand that the Regiment hasn't been green too often of late, hopefully that will now change.

    Agree with the OP that the Sunday morning OP was a bit shite - as was being bumped on the way back to the trucks... was a bit like an afterthought. Perhaps something along the lines of section attack would have been more relevant.

    The final parade was a bit gash to be honest, sent over to get showered and changed before the award ceremony stank of Guards Div. Photos etc would have looked much better when the lads were still in 'war-mode'.

    It also added about 90 minutes to the final day; which meant most of the lads in my company didn't walk in their front doors until after 1930 on Sunday (after tabbing 24k with limited or no sleep the day before) and having to go to work early the next day.
  12. vent off, bitch or praise your training weekends by all means as much as you like, but please ffs do it amongst yourselves somewhere private!
    I didn't know too much about the training within the London Regiment before i started reading this thread. Now i have an impression in my head that quite frankly makes me think you look a bit rag! :roll:
  13. LR1 - as Director RLC said in a recent 'Sustainer' - 'Talk to the Head, not the ARSSE" - if you have comments to make, negative or positive, why not put them to your Chain of Command, I'm sure they will be appreciated either way without meaning interviews with no coffee.

    Duke, re Trg Major, he is Regular and has plenty of experience on all fronts, have no fear.
  14. Reference my bold - I take it you are the clowns who wear our blue-red-blue flashes? Just wondering hows the skill at arms instructor who shot the armourer with an ND in 2007 in Bastion? What the fvck gives you a right to have a go at the Guards? You were an embarrassment to us on Herrick 6.

    For example - a Woofer CSM having a go at me in the Dhobi in Price "You want to start getting a grip of your blokes etc ect etc"

    "Why's that sir?"

    "Its you c*nts in the blue-red-blue who are always getting your head down on stag, helmet covers hanging off, general look like a bag of shite...."

    Couldn't get it through his daft chippoir head that the bods on Force Protection were TA and so the farce of letting the London Regiment wear our brigade flash is demonstrated.
  15. Would you rather the blokes from the London Regiment ignored dress regs and instructions to wear their ( Guards ) TRF?

    They are part of the Guards Division, so it is also "their" Brigade flash. Its also worth asking if you'd be happy pulling the duties they covered.