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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by soldier soldier, Jan 21, 2005.

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  1. Anyone know if the London Reg is playing for the next telic? Or a telic this year? I have heard a yes, no, maybe, shrug of the shoulders....
  2. I think they're hoping to have 'London' added to their colours as a battle honour, but I don't think major infighting on this website counts as a battle?
  3. :lol: Sadly true, Polar

    Two TELICs in the last year, not entirely sure we could mount another in the near future.

  4. I have been told "I will get my chance" ... hmmm.. Afgan has been mentioned as well.. either will be good.. just 2 get a tour dun!
  5. I think T7 is in the bag. Callup July.
  6. At last just what we always wanted, our own dust it up thread.
    Now where were we.........
  7. Blimey Strikesure you must be new!!

    Loads of London scraps going on here. I know you Jocks march slow but come on!

  8. Shot, out.

    I think we're on an award for stroppiest regt. Genius.

    We are in the bag for T7 but have also been mooted for Kiplings back yard.
  9. I heard more grumbling last night about Afghanistan. To be honest the actual location is any ones guess but I think you can be certain that we will get pinged for somewhere by the end of 05 early 06. Stand by.
  10. Outsider looking in - your CO must be f@cking mental to keep volunteering your unit for Telics. One, for credibility's sake, fine. But more??

    Does this strike any chords in ARRSE land?....... Hard core attenders away on Telic for 9 months (incl POTL)....sparse attendance while they're suffers and becomes dull as little scope with the OC,CSM and 7 blokes......recruits see all this, vote with their feet or just not Telic, people leave due to 'The Mrs' and/or having stagged on at Allsopp Lines for six months........takes ages to recover....thank God someone else has been spammed for Telic 'x'.......

    Am I speaking Chinese??
  11. Bloomin heckers like !

    The Londons aren't infighting, so all you wanted all along was a thread on your regiment :twisted: :twisted:
  12. No, I left the last unit because of this. It was as you describe. I think it's not turned out as bad as I thought it would - ie TA something that can only be used once - but it's certainly thinned things out a bit because they all got attached to a fairly mental regular unit, got thrashed/injured (well that's life I guess) but most gallingly spent their time polishing their helmets about 80 miles from home to little apparent end.
  13. LONDONS have done two TELICs in the last year.....