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London Reg Camp

I've heard rumors of heli insertions, C-130 troop movements and other fun stuff like that.
Also heard that the Paras are going to do a 15km extraction on foot.
The TA guys are going to be allowed to leave on their transport back to their TACs... :D
We all know the TA guys will spend a lot of time 'securing' the FUP, guarding empty heli's and riding around on the MK 1 helibedford.

They're not going to let the stabs do the break in are they!!? :roll:

had a few Ex's with low flying bedfords, but spent a lot of time in choppers - Recce insertions in the old Scout (now that was sexy!) abseiled in via whirlwind (showing my age now!); troop movements in Lynx, Puma, Scout, Wessex V, Sea King, and Chinook; hot LZ insertion in a C130, but missed going on a Recce in a Gazelle because I needed a dump!

We had decent training Majors. How good is yours?
Suspect TM will try to take credit for this but can believe it was he who got us invited however can't say anything rude about him as someone on this site has had a without coffee with the RSM following their comments made here.
This is why the army is going down the toilet.

If the RSM is going to give you a bollocking the least he could do is knock up a brew. Not any of that instant muck, either. A nice velvety espresso and maybe a tiny choccie biccie. These senior NCOs haven't got any class.

It would be a lot more civilized and lead to more heroic endeavours on the field of battle.
16 Air Assault will be our hosts. I understand we'll be acting as the air version of WR dismounts.

The ORBAT is public knowledge but we have at least three long lifts, involving c-130 and Heli. FIBUA for the final scrap, Brigade assault on a village.

I can think of a few people who are pretty cheesed off for bidding for a course instead of camp.

Without doubt - we are Inf, after all.. but still lots of air movements and Apache etc...

come on down, Cheekster, I'll look after you young Gunners...
You know full well you'll be stagging on some disused airfield on Dartmoor!

'Londons tasking - provide security for Fwd AMB' (Titter titter.......)


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