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Hi all. Been looking at joining the ta for a while. Did think about my nearest haunt(logistics) but Dont think Il get enough from that. I have seen there's a fusilier unit in balham for the London reg but been looking at 7 rifles in mayfair. Any views on either would be good. Also how does it work when you get deployed? Would you just be serving with the regular of your units ie rifles/fusilers or someone different?only reason i ask is because i have a mate who is artillery in se London and he's off to afghan soon but he's been attached to the Londons for his tour? Thought he would be getting attached to a regular artillery unit?

Any advice on both units good or bad very welcome



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i dont have experience of Londons, directly, but am a member of 7 rifles. Mayfair bunch are a good set of lads as is the rest of battalion. i have only heard bad things about the londons though, closest to direct experience was arriving at a camp they had been using for PDT and had left their Coy Details on the board so i had a nosey whilst bored. Did seem rather ****, marching at all times around camp, no use of nicknames, addressed by rank etc.
If i was joining now, i would still go rifles.
Cheers guys. My mate didn't seem too thrilled to be attached to them to be honest. Was more swaying towards the rifles anyway. Shall get in touch and organise a visit.
Join 7 rifles, avoid the Londons Like Aids, been on a few courses with a few of them, they also took over from us on tour, super **** bullshit
And no im not 7 rifles
yes, very much so, its has got very bullshitty, the Guards do not want anything to do with the Londons and to be honest the feeling is mutual
Seems like the mafia have taken over this thread. The LONDONS are a professional unit, that have proved themselves on ops many times over the past decade - the same can be said of 7RIFLES.

Contrary to what DB_Cooper says, the Guards have embraced the LONDONS with open arms, and are more than supportive.

Best thing to do is visit each company on a training night, and see which bunch of lads you click with - either way you are likely to deploy with them at some stage.
now I am confused... these are very contradictory statements.
I would suggest that DB_Cooper is misinformed, and hasn't served with the LONDONS. On a separate thread he is enquiring about joining 3 R ANGLIAN or 7RIFLES, meaning that his advice about joining the Mayfair company is of limited value. I strongly suspect that some nasty NCO from the LONDONS shouted at him during his recruit training earlier this year - crow.
I work with Londons blokes quite a bit, and know the Mayfair Mafia very wel.

From what the Londons tell me, the Guards do get involved and have a decent number of PSIs posted in.

I'd be surprised if Guardsmen did not give their best efforts, to be honest.
Just a point, DB_Cooper says he wants to transfer to either Right Angles or the Mafia, not looking to join, so he might be in the LONDONS
So are the Londons mainly a guards regiment then? Whats with the fusilier in balham then? Sorry for the dumb question just sounds a bit odd.
No they're not guards, they're just linked with the Guards.

The London regiment is a confusing concept with regiments linked to different companies here there and everywhere.
They are a TA Regiment within the GYAAARDS!! Division. They wear the Blue Red Blue.
Ah right ok cheers. Gonna ring 7 rifles tomorrow so hopefully i can pop up tomorrow for a visit. Went to the HAC a little while back. Liked the idea of what they did but found them a little too posh for my liking. Shame.
go Rifles.

all that is necessary, and nothing that is not.

no bells and whistles or bullshit.

go Rifles.

Swift and Bold...

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