London Recruiting Push


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Well done the Londons!!!

For the first time ever, I have seen Soldiers in CS95 at Waterloo Station handing out leaflets, iinviting people to the 'London Soldier' event at Chelsea Barracks. Nice to see, and could tap a good source of potential recruits.

- The leaflet shows all kinds of interesting things, but not one mention of Ops, Deserts, etc. (Or what most mobilised Inf do, which is **** a gate up and down and look out of a sangar for six months). Front picture is of soldiers in arctic gear ski-joring behind a BV. When did the TA (or the Regs, come to that) last do that? A few RMR, I would think, certainly never a London TA Unit!

- What happens after Chelsea Barracks gets sold? Move it to Woolwich?

Enough ranting - well done for getting blokes out to recruit, and actually show a Uniform in London for a change!


Well done but does anyone that joins as a result of such one-off events stay in? - the real long term recruits are those that are either brought in by their mates or had the courage to turn up at a TAC or ring in on their own account.

I can't help feeling that toms standing around on street corners is a misguided and nugatory effort. It's a bit like doing the local fete - the uniforms and guns always have impact but invariably to the wrong audience.

The best way is targeted recruiting - to highlight the TAC (posters, lights, etc), well advertised open evenings, good follow-up admin and chasing enquiries by the permanent staff, a welcoming and credible reception and attention to detail of the sign on process and basic trg -get those right and you'll always have recruits.

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