Discussion in 'Infantry' started by ANNE, Apr 7, 2005.

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  1. The London Rally to Save our Regiments. Two Days to Go.

    Please join us to protest against an ungrateful and duplicitous Labour Government. It is vital that a huge presence is made on this historic day. March with us on Saturday, and send a message to Downing Street and your own Regiment Colonel to keep their


    Assembly Point is at Speakers Corner from 1pm, ready for March off from Hyde Park at 2pm, into Park Lane, along Picadilly/Picadilly Circus, down Haymarket and arriving in Trafalgar Square at approx 3pm for the rally and speakers.

    For full details visit our London Rally website:, which is constantly updated for your information.

    This will be your last chance to publicly protest before a General Election. Please come along and support us. Spread the word, bring along family and friends and help us to have the biggest presence we could possibly hope to achieve, to show our contempt at the treatment this Labour Government delivers and demonstrate that we will not accept their destructive treatment of the army as a whole.

    Coach places still available to travel to London

    For further information please call our hotline on 01980 594949.

    Anne McMillan

    Save The Regiments.

    Do not forget Once They are Gone - They are Gone Forever.
  2. I would like you to know i fully support you and your effort, I feel that the british army is undervalued where as the american army is. I think tony Blair should get off his arse and dosomething right for a change :x