London public transport tomorrow

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, Jul 6, 2006.

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  1. Tomorrow is, in case you missed it, the one-year anniversary of the Islamist terror attacks (or militant British youth protest if you're the BBC ;)) on London public transport.

    My sister works in central London, and has said in no uncertain terms that she will not be taking public transport tomorrow.

    If you work in central London, will you be taking public transport tomorrow? If you don't work there, would you be taking public transport if you did?
  2. I was taking the Tube days after the Bombings. No fcuking idiot is ever going to stop me using it!.

  3. Yes because i will not pay Red Kens Capita pay off Charge.
  4. Yes.

    You might want to tell your sister that bombers could strike transport, unguarded buildings, tourist attractions, etc in Central London or anywhere else. On that basis, she might want to stay in her home for the rest of her life!
  5. The date doesn't worry me (though I detest public transport in all it's forms and prefer to walk if time allows).

    You should reassure your sister by reminding her that many more people die in bed than in all forms of transport put together, yet there are few scare stories. ;)
  6. I would be taking my usual journey from Liverpool Street to Euston Square if I was at work (I'm on holiday at the moment). Have no probs with using the tube and no particular fears about working in Central London.
  7. feck em.

    Ill be making my way through Kings cross, like I did last year 20 minutes before the first bomb.

  8. I was on the Tube on 7/7 and I was on the Tube on 8/7. Fcuk the scum.
  9. That's the spirit chaps!
  10. I'm doing my deliveries in London in the morning, I'm gonna drive my van in early and have a little pootle round on the tube before work. After work tomorrow night, I will raise a glass to the poor sods that have suffered in the bombing and then I'll raise a few dozen more drinks to all those who helped during the aftermath.

    Bomb the spirit out of Londoners!?! No fucking chance!

    Cheers one and all!!!

  11. We had a site visit on the 8th to somewhere near Aldgate East, needless to say there was an atmosphere you could could cut like butter on the tube. I was shocked as to how badly the moments silence was observed in the street outside the office, some people took it upon themselves to turn up the music in their cars and bang on car horns.

    In answer to your question - yes I would travel by tube if I was in London.

    (edited because I forgot to answer the original question!)
  12. Yes. I would take it tomorrow. If anything does deter me slightly, it's the secrecy that hangs over this incident like a bad smell. Tomorrow would be a good day for the powers that be to announce a full public inquiry.
  13. Dont say that word, all the barriers will come up because Government are not happy with that idea.
  14. I work in the City and I was on the Tube when the bombs went off. I got the Tube to work the morning after the bombs and I will be doing the same tomorrow.
  15. Yes, would be very concerned but yes. We must show that we are a strong country