London Pride

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Solent, Jul 27, 2003.

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  1. The thought of 2 men getting it on with each other turns my stomach, but if that's what they want to do behind closed doors, that's their affair. Why should I have to tolerate them parading through the capital? If I wanted to organise a Straight Pride parade I wouldn't be allowed to because cnuts like Tatchell would take me to the European Court of Human Rights to stop it from going ahead on the grounds it is hompohobic. Fcuing homo-nazi!

    The police are supposed to be impartial and there to uphold the law of all citizens and their race, gender, and sexuality shouldn't come into it. Fine, if some of them are gay not a problem, but they shouldn't be allowed to parade around in support of political or social agendas because it suggests to me that there are certain parts of the community, although law-abiding, that they would not police impartially.
  2. With you on that Woop. But would like to add Tatchell is a Turbo Turd Burglar Fcukin Nuisance Homo Nazi. He is entitled to his opinion just like the rest of us. But I wish he would'nt keep ramming it down every ones throat.Given though that everyone knows who he is perhaps the 2wats actualy getting somewhere? (shame it wasn't a distant planet) :twisted:
  3. Respect to the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) at long last the establishment is beginning to recognise the diversity of the modern UK.
  4. or the Freemasons......
  5. Fuck off Jake you turd burgling pork sword slurper, why are you here annoying us and not out there topping scientists?

    The "diversity of the modern UK" is a fucking myth perpetrated by left wing nonces. It might exist down the "smoke" where all these abominations seem to gather, but not up here. Last time I checked I had a UK passport and lived fairly well smack bang in the middle of the UK. Act the homo in any one of the local boozers and expect to be going home wearing a pint glass in the throat.

    This is why they have gay bars, to keep them out of site of the rest of us, I find it grossly offensive that I have to watch the fuckers parade through our capital city like they were something fucking special.

    I want a parade celebrating the fact that I am a white, straight Anglo Saxon protestant. Wonder how many of the PC brigade would have the bottle to turn up for that?
  6. Really Jake? Is that just the liberal model of diversity? What about the man who exercises his democratic right to support right-wing politics, the belief that homosexuality is wrong, the belief that all drugs should be catagorised class A and users/dealers should be locked up for life, and any other views you care to mention along the way, but exercises his rights to freedom of speech without commiting any crime (other than the heanous crime of being politcally incorrect which carries the life sentence of being stigmataised and marginalised by the likes of you)? Would the police respect that man's "diversity" by parading around with a load of queens?

    The fact is that the police serve everyone and should do so equally and without bias. That means just like the armed forces they should not be allowed to align themselves with ANY agenda publicly.

    Those police officers who paraded at the weekend in uniform lost sight of this and madse a public statement that they view the part of society that they belong to as more deserving than the rest. They sent a message that they are not impartial. They were a disgrace to their uniform.
  7. Excellent point Woopert. We pander to the loudest shouting minority groups. If you dare to disagree with any 'liberal' views, you get marked out for being some form of modern day nazi. I personally couldn' give a toss about gays but I do object to having to tolerate people parading their lifestyle choices in public - particularly when they themselves are public servants funded by my taxes.

    As for you Jake - try getting out of London to see what the rest of the country is like some time.
  8. [​IMG]
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    I'm with Woopert on this one - time for the Heterosexuals to man (or woman, but not two of the same) the baracades and give the homs a good taste of British spunk!!!
  9. Has anyone else noticed that the people who are most keen to let us know their point of view are the ones least interested in hearing anyone elses?

    That seems to be the status quo in modern leftie-Britain. If you are gay you get to inflict your lifestyle choice on the rest of us, if you are straight, and conservative you are branded a nazi, or an "ist" of some sort. When was the last time we had a parade celebrating marriage? The only time in my life I have ever been on a "demo" was the Countryside Alliance march, and not because I have any strong views on hunting either way, but because I am so sick of having lefty-PC ideals shoved down my throt 'till I choke on them!

    So when Paddick and his bum-chums were parading the streets of London in their uniform, how open to true diversity do you think they would be to listen to our point of view that they were WRONG?

    Diversity: the Naziism of the 00's!
  10. I've started a poll on this subject on the home page.
  11. Woopert, I don't make judgements about anyone, although I may disagree with certain points of view - I will admit to having reservations about uniformed officers taking part in the Pride march, I think it would have been sufficient to parade behind the banner of their association but not in uniform.

    Sorry Muppett - I'm not in London - there is life north of Watford Gap 8)

  12. Let the puffs march if they want to, let them march until they no longer want to, when they have lost the will to march, make them march all the way to Dover, where they can trundle through the tunnel and knob off to france or somewhere equally dull.

    Jake do us a favour and follow them, sealing the tunnel behind you.

    We are all beating around the bush, say it like it is, unless your a hot chick, anyone guilty of chomping on the trauser mauser should be hacked up.

    Woopert is a cross dressing slopey shouldered tranny, thats fine, but give him credit, he hasn't got a band of his tranny friends together to march around Burnley town centre forcing his sick habits etc etc upon us :D
  13. I prefer the term "gender indifferently clothed, pre gender re-assignment surgically apportioned being of sentience". You are therefore oppressing me and I choose to exercise my right to sue you through the European Court of Human Rights for Crimes Against Humanity (though why you have never been prosecuted before for this with a face like yours is beyond me). I also want to claim Asylum.
  14. This is not good 8O I agree with woopert wholeheartedly on this. :roll:
    The modern policeman is charged to police without 'fear or favour'.
    These men have with official sanction, broken this code.

    I was a policemans wife for many years and the ex worked in Brighton as a beat officer for several years.
    Dealing with gay couples domestics was a daily event there and taken very seriously.
    I got the impression that homosexual people were treated with absolutely the same response as straights in Brighton (FUKC OFF I'm near the end of my shift and I hate everybody).

    My ex, observed on one of his forces compulsory politically correct anti- discrimination courses that the sexism and racism and homo-phobic attitudes and comments (even banter) have all but disappeared for fear of complaints from public and colleagues nowadays.

    Actually he, who is a paddy, found that the greatest acceptable discrimination was actually towards Irishmen..but then he's ex forces and doesn't give a toss!