London Pride - Civil Servant Dress Code

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pombsen-armchair-warrior, Jun 2, 2009.

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  1. As part of the now Quad-Service approach to homosexual and transgender corporate branding it has been decided that:

    MOD LGBT members are officially marching at London Pride the following day(Saturday 4 July 2009) and civilian marchers will be required to wear a MOD endorsed polo shirt. Details on how to obtain a shirt, hotels, the post-march social event and maps will be included in the calling notice.

    It's inclusive, it's free, and I can only endorse this sensible use of funds for this particular purpose.
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Why when we are in the crap as a country are we spaffing away even more geld on this? I dont suppose there would be funding for a white hetero pride parade would there?
  3. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    If they're civvies and "marching" (surely "ambling") in their own time, how can they be "required" to wear anything - much less have the tax-payer stump up for a corporate polo shirt?
  4. We could always supply them with the left over pink 'ARRSE' polo shirts left over from our last jaunt :D :D

    Subtle or what?
  5. King unbelievable!
  6. I love these guys (errrr and gurls and ones-who-aren't-sure) Rest of the world is on its collective arrse and they're still determined to get out there and strut their stuff. All in the name of diversitteee man.

    Good 'ere innit?
  7. Famous phrases said by MOD Civil Servants:

    "I have officer status you know!"

    "It's alright for you lot with all your expenses claims"

    "I'm the equivalent to a Colonel/Major/ Warrant Officer i'll have you know!"

    "I don't see why you lot should come and go as you please!"

    "Do you know my equivalent grade?"

    "I'll be speaking to the union about this!"

    "You lot get paid 24/7 - get on with it!"

    "Get a squaddie to lift/carry it"
  8. It would be no bad thing if all civil servants in MOD and Treasury did a couple of weeks FIBUA training every year. It could end comments like the ones above, make people more watchful around the workplace, and result in more responsible attitudes and fewer missing documents.

  9. Famous phrases from Stacker1

    Stick your made up rank up your arse.

    Followed by

    Well charge me then.
  10. I find Gay Pride offensive
    Who can I sue for causing me this offence?
  11. My heart sank when I saw this thread, because I knew that it would descend into a self inflicted CS bashing. Its things like this that really wind me up. Over the past few years, I've tried here, and on other sites, to stick up for the MOD CS. A lot of what we do is not really understood, and people easily forget that thousands of us have done sterling work on Op Tours, and thousands more have done an incredible job of trying to support the front line despite the best efforts of Gordon Brown to totally undermine the MOD.

    Then crap like this turns up - I know exactly the sort of people that come up with this rubbish. Its the usual feckers who never do any real work, who flaunt their homosexuality in a way that, if I as a heterosexual conducted myself , would end up being fired for sexual harrasment. They are the utterly useless cnuts who feel that because in the privacy of their own homes, they chose to have sexual relations with someone of the same sex, this somehow entitles them to special treatment in the workplace. They are the people who take offence at every little comment, and who decide that forces banter is somehow innapropriate.

    Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against homosexuals (a very close family member is openly homosexual, but sees it as is gay as an aside, rather than gay as a lifestyle choice), and I appreciate that in some parts of the world some pretty rotten things happen to gay people and that is wrong. But when I see these gay pride parades going on, and taxpayers money being wasted on this shit, then I get really angry indeed. We are cutting the defence budget by billions of pounds at the moment for buying equipment to support the incredibly brave men and women on the front line; yet some of my erstwhile colleagues seem to think that a good use of our very scarce resources is to buy a t-shirt proclaiming that they are gay and work for the MOD. Thanks guys, glad to know you've got your priorities straight (no pun intended). Presumably I can get MOD to pay for a "I work for MOD and am Straight / into Bestiality / necrophilia / small rodents called bernard (no MDN you can't have one!) etc? If not, then why not?

    The endless litany of militant homosexuals demanding integration and equality, but then insisting on parades to celebrate their homosexuality is getting out of hand, and is undermining our civil service. I read an outstanding piece today noting that MOD has managed to destroy its career development for CS, meaning that our chances of growing truly outstanding future senior civil servants who really get Defence Policy is massively reduced. At the same time, we are introducing all manner of 'development schemes' aimed at 'levelling the playing field' which mean that if you happen to be female or an ethnic minority, then you qualify for all sorts of additional training and support, but if you happen to be a white male, then you are regarded as a 2nd class citizen. Ignore the fact that we've trashed our career structure and provide no guidance no, so this supposedly 'privileged' white men have no help on how to make a career and develop - thus helping HM Forces. Instead we're cut adrift and meant to fend for ourselves - all because we are white men. As a straight white late twentysomething male, I am unable to get real support from MOD to develop further - all in the name of equality.

    It is really getting out of hand - our HR system (like JPA but a lot better), keeps reminding me that I haven't updated my sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity or disability details for the last two years, and every time I log in I get a reminder. I am currently registered as a transexual rastafarian lesbian, and will keep changing it to meet with "how I feel inside". After all, if they complain, I'll point out that they are discriminating against my inner lesbian!

    Forgive my thread drift, but this has really annoyed me. 95% of us CS really do try to do a good job, and do give a shit. The 5% who don't are the cnuts who drag up this sort of crap, and ruin our reputation.
  12. My selected favourites.

    AAAAAaaaaaarrgggggg!!!! :x :twisted: :x
  13. Your civil partner?
  14. "Your civil partner? " - how did you know? Has he been mouthing off in bed again to you?