London Pride 5th July - On duty - nIce if you can get it

London Pride – Saturday 5th July 2008

Formal approval has been granted for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual personnel in HM Armed Forces to march in No.1 uniform (RN/RAF) No. 2 uniform (Army)through Central London on 5th July 2008, as part of the annual Gay Pride event.

Whilst the Royal Navy has marched in uniform in previous years, Army and RAF personnel will also be marching in uniform for the first time this year.

A large number of personnel have already committed to attend.

Personnel will be considered to be on-duty for the uniformed element of the event, so internal UK duty travel costs (but not subsistence) may be claimed, subject to local Budget Manager discretion.

Why? I dont give a sh*t if they attend but why in uniform and why on duty?

Can I do this for my village fete? Ive grown some nice roses and want to promote my horticultural prowess whilst at the same time keeping the army in the public eye - can I get duty rates? or maybe for the Army Navy game?

This is guaranteed to piss off the straight members of society whilst giving the press something to beat MOD up with. The Mail will object, the Grauniad will celebrate and we will all be a little worse off.

It would appear that as with Racism anything that supports Homosexuals either male or female, those that cannot make up their mind sexually ,or for that matter, physically and others of slightly off the norm behavior will be given support whereas anything else will not get support. I cannot see people getting time off to attend the Synod or even an evangelical parade bemoaning the 'sin' of homosexuality.

This is a political rally in every way and also a lobby group for a special interest group. The MOD must be mad! :evil:
Discriminatory I call it - this means gay TA soldiers will be unable to march alongside, or indeed behind, their regular colleagues. Good.
This is hardly hot news. The MoD planning for this event was already well in hand and had factored this payment of travel costs into the plan as a significant enhancer of morale (but not morals).

The planning team was led by Lt Comd Julian Fotheringill, a submariner by trade, but whose noctural wanderings and non-doctrinal interpretation of ‘hot-bunking’ had led to a rapid promotion and transfer into the E & D area within MoD, and the planning culminated in an event held in the Badgers Arms, with special finger buffet for all those who weren’t hungry, for all pax interested in attending the march.

Welcoming the assembled special ones he laid out his plan. ‘Firstly’, he simpered, ‘remember first and foremost that we are representing all those repressed heterosexuals in the MoD, and more importantly, the Queen. No F/Sgt Clary, the Queen, not the Queen’, as this particular fine specimen of manhood repressed a squeal of delight whilst simultaneously staining his best No 1 Dress trousers.

‘Therefore, we will conduct this parade as we would any other military parade, with strict order of seniority and precedence. Our gallant sailors will take the van, followed by the Army with the RAF providing tail gunners. Within this order transsexuals will lead, followed by those mid-op, those just thinking about it, bisexuals, lesbians and finally sissies.

Now, in spite of these strict protocols, we have, in agreement with Swiss Des, managed to agree a nice twist to normal ceremony, and for those whose rank normally entitles them, we have gained a dispensation to carry double dildoes in place of the normal swagger/pace stick. These will be in pink, and will be rigorously controlled and accounted for as we do not wish MoD property to be used in any subsequent non-military activity. A rigorous risk-assessment has been carried out and all personnel will be supplied with strap-on ceramic plates to cover vulnerable areas.

Finally he said, ‘the service test must apply during this event and I will not tolerate the slightest deviation from the rules’, whilst busy exchanging admiring glances with the partially transformed Gunner called Harry/Harriet, and mentally booking the Badgers Arms honeymoon suite for his post-parade fantasy re-enactment.

The meeting closed with it's attendees slipping away to those private cubicles that are such a popular feature of the Badgers.
I have to say that I am delighted that the Mod is supporting this, and I hope that there is a high attendance.

It will be nice for one weekend, to go for a beer at the Bop without having the scenery blemished with the usual collection of extremely fat Loggie Lezzers with moustaches, slow dancing with each other. (Quick dancing is not an option due to physics and Burgers)
Would Boris join the March?
Lets face it folks "THIS Government" can't lay straight in bed and they scream 'Human Rights', so what about the rights of ALL the NONE gay's in this country?

Perhaps it's time they used section 69 of the Army Act?
I thought this was another thread about beer!
Im sick of gays flaunting their deviant sexuality. Manchester`s crawling with them.
I want a Straight Pride March,or possibly Straight Pride week,of pub crawls and flirting with members of the opposite sex. Telly programmes celebrating what heterosexuality has done for society ( Propogated it for example)
CharlieBubbles said:
Lets face it folks "THIS Government" can't lay straight in bed and they scream 'Human Rights', so what about the rights of ALL the NONE gay's in this country?

Cameron's gAy list
a number of openly gay figures within the Tory party received letters asking them to apply to join an elite list of "priority" candidates who would have "a much higher change of being selected for a winnable seat, and therefore, of becoming an MP after the next election".

The letter urged them not to "hold back just because you feel that you lack political experience," adding: "We are looking for diversity, talent and potential."

Among the openly gay politicians invited to apply for preferential treatment in the selection of candidates ahead of the next election are Nick Boles, the director of the think tank Policy Exchange who failed to gain Hove for the Tories at the last election.
So unlikely Conservative government would defend rights of 'ALL the NONE gay's in this country'.

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