London Pay

I used to be posted to a London unit and in receipt and entitled to "London Pay". Now posted to another unit with the M25 I am not entitled to "London Pay" however it is still as expensive to live as it was at my previous unit. I know I may be just winging but as I am still administrated by the same admin office in Horse Guards and still getting paid it. I know that I will have to pay it all back which I understand, but I can't understand why the unit at Hounslow which is approx the same distance away from central London is entitled to the extra pay. I chose to live out in a small 1 bedroom flat with my girlfriend and cost me £575 a month as well as £110 a month council tax so it starts to hurt after a while. However it would be a damm site cheaper if I was anywhere else in the UK. I believe any unit within the M25 should get the extra money. Anyone else agrees and has it affected anyone else?

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