London Parking

After spending 2 hours on the net i am still confused. So thought i would ask the Arrse font of knowledge

I will be in London at the end of the month and need to park my car somewhere.
Will be driving in from Heathrow and preferably leaving the car somewhere outside the congestion zone.

The car park needs to be reasonably cheap (I'm scottish) and close to tube/bus station. I will be heading into London for a trip round HMS Belfast and The National Army Museum. Also needs to be open quite late as i will be returning to the car late evening time.

Any suggestions would be welcome.
What about trying to park in (the now mostly empty?) Chelsea Barracks? You will still pay congestion charge on the way in and then out again, but that's got to be cheaper. It might cost you a packet of biscuits for the MGS too.
Murphy_Slaw said:
Leave your car at Heathrow and use public transport.It's cheaper and quicker than trying to park in central London.
That is certainly the option I would choose, delay the hire car pick up till the evening and use the tube or Heathrow express to get in and out of town.
Driving in from Heathrow? Is that ex flight? Save the hire car cost and use public transport.

Failing that, serving soldier? Regents Park Bks best kept secret in the world or RAF Uxbridge just down the road from Heathrow and connects to tube. Woolwich at a push. All fairly secure and open all night, spk to operator for G'room numbers.

Reasonably cheap and London are not normally seen in the same sentence!
Thanks guys, Think i will leave it at heathrow.
No longer serving, I used to park at uxbridge.

Thanks for the offer Snake, will see what time i can pick up the car at.
Cheers guys

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