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Can anyone give me the best time to contact ULOTC's adjutant by phone please Ive tried several times and not got through. Ive also emailed and not recieved a reply so any help is gratefully appreciated.

TA evenings are usually a tuesday i dont know if otc is different? best bet is just to go in. This might be a bit odd but didnt they recruit at your freshers fayre so you might be a bit out of synch with the rest of the cadets?
Since there's a London thread now, what's happening with the UCL ban? Any protests being organised against it?
I would but Im in Kent and Im not looking to join just been offered a Bursary and need to sort out a CO/Adjt Interview so I can get the wheels rolling.

Cheers anyway

Yes tried those. The problem is when Ive phoned the adjt has either been out or the phone just rang and wasnt answered so was wondering if I was ringing at the wrong time, and what the right time would be.
You can try calling the main phone number.
But as the Interview is unlike to be done until the recuriting period your best bet is to attend an induction night at the beginning of the academic year - when the appropriate officers and paperwork will be around.
This link may help

Regarding the UCL Union military ban - the general secatary has been suspended pending an investigation - so at present the motion is not valid.
And if she is found to be in the wrong, and that the AGM was conducted incorrectly the motion will be invalid.

Interviews with the Adjt regarding Scholarships/Bursaries are conducted during the ULOTC normal recruiting period at the beginning of each Academic year.

By all means get in contact, but nothing further will be done until this point.

Are you already at Uni then?
If not, are you sure you're coming to London? :wink:
Well I need the interview as soon as possible because Im currently a second year and am having my Bursary backdated to the start of my second year i.e. September.
Macks yes second year, and no Im not going to London I'm in Kent.

Thanks for your help I'll phone the OTC on Monday and if that fails I'll ask OCAC.
I'd suggest going through the Admin Office and leaving a message with a contact number so he can call you back. The Adj is normally around during the day, but you may find it hard to get hold of him if he is out. The other option is to speak to the PSI for your sponsoring cap badge and ask him/her to speak to the Adj on your behalf.
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