London OTC MTQ2 course

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by antphilip, Jun 22, 2005.

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  1. Hello all,

    The opportunity to apply for this (week in october i think?) was offered to me recently and I was hoping one of the good people out there might have some info on what goes on?

    I'm not quite sure the difference between MTQ2 and Module 2 (I assume we do slightly more as we have 10 long weekends). However if there were going to be topics of use then it can never hurt to learn more.

    So over to the forum...
  2. Why not ask them. The guy who runs it is more than competent to help with your enquiry.
  3. Ant - it is a concentrated Module 2 that they are running from 21st to 30th October (check dates, don't just take my word for it). Essentially no difference between MTQ2 and Mod 2 when delivered in this way. Rememeber Londist DEPO training delivered by ULOTC - more info on LDSTT here:
  4. Redcap it wasn't offered directly by the chap who runs it, just by someone who would book me a place. Slight inaccuracy in my language. Thanks for the link Abacus shall ask a chap who is on the LDSTT but I'm not sure it comes under their providence yet?
  5. You are right, it doesn't come under LDSTT yet.
  6. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    It sounds like a ULOTC Cadre exercise, but I could be wrong there. If it is a Cadre exercise then get hold of ULOTC and speak to the OIC Cadre. He is an extremely good officer and very approachable.
  7. Ant realise my post could have caused confusion. (Illegal site, and not particularly up to date but more up to date than mine so hey ho)

    Reason for giving you link to LDSTT is that they are particularly helpful (not just my view, my AO is mightily impressed as well) and they will give you information on the TAOC (or DETAPO as they call it) course being run by ULOTC in October. You may find it a bit more problematic getting info direct from ULOTC as they do not manage their telephones as effectively as one might wish :roll: and their instructors are more reticent when it comes to answering legitimate queries on ARRSE - aren't they Redcap?

  8. Ah I see, things are clear on all fronts now. UQ I shall attempt to speak to the officer through the phone number on the website. Abacus, if this fails I shall attempt to speak to LDSTT.

    Redcap on a final note I seem to have bristled your feathers, for that I apologise. As explanation I see Arrse as a good resource for information for the programme I'm part of, especially with the lack of information being passed out amongst the TA as a whole. After all, I only learnt of the ULOTC MTQ2 training purely by chance and not by any wider release of information. Not uncommon on the whole and it makes the concept of training when and where you need to quite difficult. I also presumed the training of TA Group A officers had been passed away from the UOTC's to the RTC/BSTT on a national scale and PO's from London would go to 49bde (I think the nearest established RTC OTW) whilst LDSTT was setting up their capability. Hence did not realise this may in fact not just be a UOTC specific training course. Again I can only apologise for my not knowing this.

    Hopefully this explains where the confusion came.
  9. This is a wah, isn’t it?

    Oh well, biting the entire hook…..

    Module 2 and 3 training in London District is indeed run by ULOTC.

    There is a Module 2 course on 21-30 October.

    The course covers the entire Module 2 syllabus other than the live firing package, which is provided separately either by LDSTT or the TAPOs own RTC.

    Any telephone enquiries should be made via LDSTT, not ULOTC.
  10. I couldn't possibly comment. I have never tried to ellicit information.

    "Redcap on a final note I seem to have bristled your feathers"

    Not at all. At the moment LDSTT administers the training etc of DETAPOs. 2Bde carries out the phase 1 training, ULOTC modules 2 & 3 and LDSTT carries out Module 5.
  11. Not at all,

    I know COs, Trg Majs, OCs and so on down the chain who haven't a clue how non-UOTC Offr Trg is being organised.

    As antphilip has explained, he is not from londist. Well done you Ex_Pomp for having such a detailed grasp of sit in that area, although it does look remarkably similar content to that in my own post above. Regardless, if you or I had not responded, where else would he have found the info?
  12. It seems that events are over taking me! I shall endeavour to get the latest information and ensure that the LDSTT website is indeed up to date.

    At least then there is one method for the passage of infomation witrhin the TA especailly.