London Olympics 'to come in £500m under budget'

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vampireuk, Jun 13, 2012.

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  1. BBC News - London Olympics 'to come in £500m under budget'

    Forgive me for I may be a bit simple here, but coming in at over three times the original budget seems to not quite be within budget to me. Move the goal posts when it turns out you have buggered up then pats on the back all around when you come in under the new figure. On the plus side at least we won't be a laughing stock come the opening ceremony... oh bugger.
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  2. I thought the original estimated budget was 9million? I thought I was bad at maths.
  3. The sheepshagers will win the sprint. Why not leave it to the Army to do the opening event, that's what we are good at, oh wait a minute we can't be seen to be good at anything.
  4. £27million budget, staffed by unemployed volunteers! Pay them for fucks sake, do something right!

    I am hoping it will have a 28 days later feel to it and the cows will be rendered into burgers before the expectant crow then served among them at £5 a pop!
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  5. Tomorrow's headline:

    Games Organisers Rewarded With £600m In Bonuses For Bringing Project In Under Budget
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  6. Pah...we should open it with a mock Company attack with plenty of blanks and thunderflashes, followed by a couple of WMIKS tearing round the track, blasting away, then a helicopter could swoop down, a rope drop and a detachment of Marines could abseil down to rescue a mock hostage. Next a Typhoon could scream across the sky, popping out flares as it goes.

    The finale would be the Paras entering stage left, fluro yellow tabbards on, broom in one hand and dust pan in the other, to collect the brass ;)

    Budget would be negligable as thats a normal weekend training session for the TA.
  7. What did they do, flog off the spare torches on fleabay?
  8. You've struck the percussive fixing on the cranium!

    The Gun Run as an Olympic event! Is it too late to select a team?
  9. Will the Tottenham Massive be doing the torch lighting ceremony?

  10. I've said it before, if I want to watch a bunch of foreigners running about & throwing things I'll stand in the centre of Brixton at midnight & say JD Sports have left theit back door open. That or watch Zulu again.
  11. It's nice to see they've got an elderly strangled cat to close the ceremony. If you heard him sing on the Jubilee concert you'll know who i'm talking about. WAARGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Oh-Bla-Di