London Olympics Logo

Sorry but I think it sums it up perfectly... an utter shambles (well as far as budgets go).

Whilst on the subject, anyone notice the increasing number of buildings 'accidently' catching fire in the soon to be developed East London?
jack-daniels said:
Aye, they probably paid some art student an absolute ruck of money for it as well.
400,000 quid it cost!! 8O

The jagged emblem, based on the date 2012, comes in a series of shades of pink, blue, green and orange and will evolve in the run-up to the Games.

The word London and the Olympic rings are included in the first two digits of the new logo.

"This is the vision at the very heart of our brand," said London 2012 organising committee chairman Seb Coe.
If the logo worked in the first place, it wouldn't have to evolve - just an excuse for the design agency to rip them off further with each logo progression.

As for being based on the date 2012, no wonder there are so many illiterates out there. My 3 year old could draw clearer numbers than that!
What a ghastly piece of shite.
Where the hell do they find these people to design such ridiculous things?
More to the point why pay someone 400,000 pounds to design something when there is already a similar version knocking about.



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I only glanced at it, but at first it looks like a broken pink window.

You have to look again to see the <ahem> numbers!!

How the hell does that sum up the Olympic Games? And as for:
"This is the vision at the very heart of our brand,"
, well, words fail me...

edited for sausage fingers
Legs said:
I only glanced at it, but at first it lookes like a broken pink window.
Look's like some guy taking his missus from behind to me. But then, no doubt, Freud what have something to say to me about that.
I'll have you know that I spent all of 5 minutes designing that logo, including 4 mins and 59 seconds making a brew before starting to paint.

And the £400,000 is well earned, IMHO.

It could have been worse, remember that tent with the names of all the blokes that some bird or other had shagged? She was the artist too.

Or the unmade bed.

Or the cow/fish/god knows what else in a fish tank.
Funny you should say that. I thought exactly the same thing - an abstract gay Dennis the Menace taking someone up the chuff. Perhaps - in our permissive overtly liberal climate - that is exactly what it's meant to represent. The usage of pink being non-gender specific.

However: £400,000? UTTER FCUKING DISGRACE. :roll:
Absolutely fecking hideous. I'm surprised Seb Coe put his stamp on it. There is nothing British about it or anything related to London.

Ken Livingstone is probably behind this. It's anti-British and seems designed to be 'inclusive' 'urban' and 'street'. It looks like a piece of railway arch graffiti.
I take it a British Bulldog, wearing a collar of the Olympics rings with the words "London 2012" underneath and maybe the Rose, Shamrock, Thistel and daffodil in each corner, or in a bunch somewhere in the whole thing, would have not set the right tone.

The Bulldog could also be wearing a Union Flag waist coat.

Obviously, if the Olympic commitee would like to send me, ohhh, say £100 they can use the above design.
jack-daniels said:
Who the hell chucked a tin of paint at the wall for this strange thing?
Oh, FFS ... and Dame Kelly Thingy was going all dewy-eyed on Breakfast BBC about it.

Cripples Charter?

What an utter load of borrocks ... I chose the wrong career :roll:
Or a fireman putting out a Firebomb, whilst a Firewatcher points out another fire, and a Homeguard mans a lewis gun.

The dome of St Pauls could be in the background, bathed in shadow and flames, the shadow would look like a rather pudgy man with a whopping big cigar in his mouth.

Above the whole lot the Kings crown, to represent the fact that he stayed in London.

Now that's London.
Four hundred thousand pounds for that? Jesus wept. It looks like something someone would come up with on the back of a beer mat after a particularly long lunch break. Just think what the government or some deserving charities could do with that much money.
The OIC actually paid somebody to come up with that monstrosity? Hmm... the "artist" is laughing all the way to the bank I bet. So... how many of you esteemed gentlemen (cough) are actually planning on being within indirect fire range of the events?
I heard Seb Coe on about it on the news earlier and he said the £400,000 was well worth the money because it changes colour and over the next five years will look different. After 5 hours already it still looks fcuking SH*T to me.
I might start work as a self employed decorator and nip round and see if Seb wants any work done he pays well. I wondered why the cost of the Olympics were esculating out of control :?
Well I suppose he's got to try and put the best possible gloss on things since after the OIC paying all that money he can hardly turn round and go "You know what? You're right, that really is crap" even if that's what he believes can he?
If it is 2012, albeit written like a moron has got hold of a large crayon...

why does there appear to be a dot in the middle of it all?

is it .2012 or 2.012 or 20.12 or 201.2 or 2012. or is it just there as a joke?

If I was on the OIC, I would have smashed that over the guys head when he unveiled it.

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