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london night out

Start in leicester square, get shiter's see where you end up!
I was in London friday and inadvertedly woke up at a train station in Horsham.
numbered_3 said:
Atleast i finished my drink before i left the German bar, which is more than can be said for another certain ARRSE user :D
There was an important balance to strike between catching the train and being a lightweight.

Halfway to Kings Cross, I realised I'd done one without paying too. :D

However, my quilt was lessened by my ten mile hike to the station. "Kings Cross is just up the road", my arrse.
Dress as schoolgirls, nurses and nuns, fill a shopping trolley with beer, go to Hampstead Heath, and spend the night drinking and violently sodomising each other till you cant stand up/get it up, any longer.
In my day you could get a dodgy old slapper in Kings X for about £15, it was about £30 around Shaftesbury Avenue and a weeks wages in Mayfair. Any serving judge should be able to tell you the going rates today and what discounts you can get for a group.
Carlos_Hathcock_II said:
It is up the road, it just happens to be a rather long Roman Road, thats all. Now stop moaning you lightweight, you could have caught a cab!
Lol, Its not as if he didn't have the money for a cab either! Remember he didn't pay for his half beverage as he so proudly pointed out earlier on :p

*Edited for being a mong*


Devil_Dog said:
The fact that you are even asking the question explains why you are undersexed.
The good old, over travelling. I have the pleasure of picking up a bloke up in Bournemouth on a Virgin Train who should have got off at Coventry but was suitabily bladdered to miss it 2 hours earlier!
Start in Covent Garden - walk to leister square - you could even go on to oxford street after that - but you might not make it!

Islington has some good bars, pubs etc
The westminster/southwark, south bank area is also pretty good, lots of students for you to play with. As is camden (north london) and clapham (south east london) good nights out!
SW7 South Kensington has some excellent bars (Zetland arms and Janets bar).

Lightweight.... oh, Stabtiffy2b....yes well.....I walked out of there as last man and was promptly called back by Helga screeching (in Teutonic tones) Cum BAK YOO HAV NOTT PAYED (SCHWEINEHUND).

So I trotted back and paid, chatted for ten minutes with her and bought another beer!

Hmmmmmm..... Friday is looming ever closer.... Beer anyone?

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