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My name’s Dom, I work for NHS London, the body that oversees the NHS in greater London. We’re running a project to assess what the armed forces community (including veterans and families) thinks about NHS services for veterans in London, from Primary care and dentistry to mental health. We’ve got a few ideas but there’s no point us coming up with something without talking to you all first. So does anyone have any thoughts about veterans and the NHS in London, or ideas about how we can make things better for the armed forces community?
Forum probably good idea but you'd need prompt the data collection either just before or just after treatment ... Via adverts, word of mouth as part of a clinical protocol
thanks, the big problem we have now is it's really hard to track veterans, some progress is being made particularly in the "traditional" military areas; but very difficult in London. I wanted to post on ARRSE because we've already spoken to the top brass at the MoD and Service charities, but struggle to get opinions from regular users of the NHS.
Presume thats for data protection reasons (I would hope so).. ah hum.. there are several arrse addicts who work on NPfIT/CfH, not me I was on another related one... ha ha
Well, there's data protection and then there's data protection. To me it seems there's just never been a desire to keep tabs on veterans; possibly related to the time the NHS was set up, i.e. millions of veterans around back then. we've got data on every demographic group you can imagine, so I can give you an estimate on the number of white British single mothers (for example) in a borough, and direct NHS services accordingly, but no idea about veterans; which makes it very difficult to advertise services, or even establish services in the first place...

Interestingly I just registered with a new GP and there was a section to record whether I’d ever Served; no-one at the SHA knew this data was being collected, or what happened with it once it was (if any NPfIT guys out there know, please PM me!). So there’s a lot we need to do internally. But until we know how many veterans we’ve got, it’s really hard to start addressing their needs (i.e. money follows populations).
it's probably a field added by the local practice for a local initiative, as far as I'm aware that kind of data isn't part of any data interchange schema.
It isn't being collected, certainly not on MiQuest. More likely a local initiative, because a GP or PM has an interest and HMG keeps saying Veterans will get priority treatment when clinically justified. Just another read code.
When such issues have been raised with NHS Somerset the answer is inevitably a White wash or someone elses problem.
Ah ha .. that's how you get the data. Yeah agree it's is just a simple recording of a code.. just checked, actual corps/trades is are occupational codes in CTV3 (but TA isn't ...), wonder who put that in, can't have been me (I did add a load on a gp system many years ago)?
Dom, this might sound stupid....But you have spoken to the LMC or a few practices haven't you? It's just NHS Somerset quite often forget to do this, so draws up cunning plans, which are totally unworkable and to save face we end up with a botch job and whatbwas a good idea is ruined by impracticability or waiting times treble
I take it that was a no then
We are talking with the Londonwide LMC and trying to get a couple of pieces into their newsletters to raise awareness of veterans rights and services available. GPs are the gatekeepers to the NHS and we know that we need to work with them (now more than ever) to make sure veterans get the right services. A big problem we've got is the fragmented nature of service provision, so even if we get GPs on board and focused on veterans we can't really give them an easy guide of what services are available, we need to give them a good map of current services before getting them excited about veterans or they’ll get frustrated by the current confused system.
A good article, not too hung-up on PTSD, although it does downplay the bigger issue of alcohol abuse.

This is for the implementation of "Fighting Fit" Andrew Murrison's review into mental health. We’re trying to work out how best to design the London element, but have already supported a scheme at Camden & Islington FT for veterans mental health, building on their previous pilot. Initially the rest of the programme will deliver a 24 hour helpline, run by Combat Stress and the launch of a new information centre for veterans.

It was interesting to see that, despite working the DH/MoD working on this for a year, The Sun declared it a victory for their two week old campaign!

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