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Drinks can mean soft drinks too.....from my side! Though I am more of a sparkling water person these days - less sugar and crap that way.
Wasn’t Perrier found to have contained benzene at some time? :)
It's a sipping drink not a drinking drink like wine.

Back in the 80s a friend of a friends brother had moved to Nottingham and after a month had found himself a job. So off we all went on a pub crawl to celebrate, a good 1/2 dozen pints of lager and two gallons of Guinness later (yes we counted them), I'm back at ugly Dave's place absolutely shitfaced. Dave worked in hospitality so what came next shouldn't have come as a surprise but he said "it's been a great night , and how about a drop of port to round the night off". I slurringly agreed, so Dave get two pint glasses, splits a whole bottle of port between them, looks me in the eye and goes; One, two, three, bangs the glass on the kitchen table (as do i) and we proceed to neck it in seconds.

Fortunately the bathroom was downstairs, off the kitchen and I just about made it through the door before pebbledashing the walls a vivid purple.

I lay on the sofa absolutely convinced I was going to die. I recall looking at the clock and it was 3:00am and thinking I don't want to die in this grotty shithole. The next thing I remember is sitting in my car outside my house (about 5 mins drive away) and it was 4:30am. I've no idea how I got there.

I've never drink drived since, and it took me a good 15 years before even the smell of port didn't make me retch.
I drank a pint of port at 10:30 am on my stag do. Was throwing up shortly after and in bed for 2pm, while the stag party went out.
And f-k me...I wish...I couldn't because I am polite....but bloody hell this waitress at wetherspoons (yes, my wifi still hasn't been fixed!) has an amazing ass/bottom whatever you want to call it...every time she walks mind ex had an amazing one too but damn!
I though port was always supposed to be drunk neat? I am not a port expert...but from what I heard...
Guinness and port. It tastes lovely, not a good use for posh vintage port though.

Pour 2/3rds pint as normal, add measure of port, top up pint. Drink, repeat, wake up not quite knowing what happened. You won't regret (or remember) it.
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