London Musings...

Unless you've already been barred is there a Public Library anywhere near you?

Dry, warm & generally quiet.
PC stations plus selection of papers - Local & National
Some have a cafe, most have WCs.
Librarians knowledgable, (some in both senses of the word, nudge nudge wink wink)
Alcohol free - unless you BYO in a discrete brown paper bag a la USA
etc etc

What's not to like?
Have to try that then. That's how I spent a good few days and evenings back in college/uni days when I was studying.


Book Reviewer
Have you not mastered tutting at these interlopers?
I thought you'd done the citizenship test.

Edit. Make a fuss of the dog. They'll move.


Book Reviewer
Wrongo he is an alcoholic, unemployed, broken jawed Brit. He fits right in!
He's still got his Yank passport, ergo, he's still one of your's, suck it up buttercup!

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