London Military Festival

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Anon1, Aug 30, 2007.

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    Just wanted to know. It seems to have a lot of things aimed at youngsters but I was wondering if it is more aimed at adults on the Saturday.

    Have applied to the TA and am just interested in going along to find out more, but don't want to be the only adult visitor.

    Also, is there a good pub nearby?

  2. There are a few pubs nearby, as we go that way for the annual "leather the Navy queers at rugby" day out :)
  3. He's referring to the Army V Navy match at Twickenham. :D
  4. Duke of Cambridge pub is straight across the road from Kneller Hall.

    Rhythm Force on the Friday night is a great concert.

    There were only limited Army displays at it last year, but it seems to have been really increased this year on that front. The Friday night is certainly all military / adult public - says in the info gates open 5.30pm to view displays before concert after 7.30pm.
  5. This is the replacement for Op London Soldier so if you are interested in joining the TA, come along on the Saturday