London Metro Article- The Good Die Young In ASBO Britain.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armies, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. This article is from Londons metro newspaper, from July 31st. Its an article that was written by not a journalist, but a normal person who commutes on the train to work. This is what she wrote:

    "I am on the train reading the news that more of our brave soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan and Iraq.Behind me are two youths about the same age as those who died.These two are abusing passengers, have their feet on the seats, are playing their music really loud and are generally making a nuisance of themselves.
    By contrast, our brave,strong young soldiers are putting their lives on the line-and losing them-to fight in a foreign country,not because they believe in war but because our Goverment told them to fight in return for a pittance and inadequate equipment. The same Government is paying for these youths to do nothing all day and basically spend their life on holiday.
    They say the good die young but thanks to Tony Blair and now Gordon Brown, our good are being killed young while the bad will carry on doing nothing and running the country.

    Nicola Wise, Kent.
  2. and sadly the bitter truth ...............
  3. **** me just when I was feeling good. Organ harvest the feckers.
  4. Wasn´t this always the case?You come back to Britain thinking that you´ve been protecting your country only to find that those that sent you away have robbed everybody of their freedoms and rights.

    Nice to know that some civilians are waking up!............well done Nicola Wise.
  5. Reminds me of the film the outlaw- british squaddie returns home to see what a shambles Britain has become. At the end of the day, its down to the damage Blair has caused in 10 years of power.
  6. IMHO it's Broon's fault more than Blair's. The form of socialism imposed on us by our former Chancellor means that the minimum wage brigade are better off on benefits than working - especially if they've got a couple of kids.

    One third of Brits now live off benefits while we are importing workers from abroad to deal with labour 'shortages'. Gordon Brown has done this to us and Blair let him in return for an unopposed bid for the party leadership.
  7. socialism fcuks up a country FACT, it happened last time they had a stint at government and every time before that.

    Trouble is just when the country needs a Margaret Thatcher to try to repair it, the country doesnt have anyone.

    It's possible that this time round we have broken the country and the decline will continue until we hit rock bottom.
  8. There seems to be a bit of debate in the Metro about what to do with ASBO oxygen thieves. Some say stick them in the army, others reckon they should be sent to do charity work in develpoing world countries. Call me old fashioned but I think that they should be made to do hard labour in Playstation free prisons. I don't care if they whinge about their human rights either.
  9. The sad thing is in Britain, we just moan and get on with it.

    The law abiding people work hard and pay taxes- get sweet feck all in return.

    The scum bags live on benefits and laugh.

    Seriously, you have to blame the Governemt, whoevers in charge.
  10. One day people will have had enough and do something about it.
  11. I fecking hate the fact my taxes are funding shites to spend all day doing feck all.
  12. You're not by any chance thinking of a prominent ARRSE contributor are you?
  13. You lot better be quiet, Jimbo will round here soon calling you all "right wing whingers"......
  14. I wonder who Nicola Wise is as your average member of the public wouldnt compare the scum bags on the train with a squaddie let alone feel the need to write to a newspaper. Or is it due to the fact that the public are maybe just now starting to realise what a sh*t hole the uk has become and have become aware to what is actually going on in Iraq/Afghan?
    Good article and well spotted armies.
  15. One of my sons went off the rails years ago and was sent to a Short, Sharp, Shock, Centre for 6 months. He came back looking like Arnold Swartzanegger and said he enjoyed it especially the physical and weight training. His mother suggested he join the Foreign Legion which he promptly did. He is now a model citizen. It was the making of him and I am convinced he needed a challenge in life. That is why I am in favour National Service. I can remember NS guys in the unit whinging but whenever I see them at reunions they all say without exception that they were glad they did it and for some was a stepping stone to a better life.