London Marathon

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by poet, Dec 7, 2006.

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  1. Going to enter the london marathon for next year.I know it is 4 months 14 days 14 hours 1 minutes 37 secounds away. But wonder if any of you arrsers had any idea what I could do to raise loads of cash :?
  2. Get round?

    That sounded worse than it was meant to; I've only ever as far as half marathons; and that was reasonably tough to keep going (tiredness etc).

    To make it all 26miles is an incredible achievement in itself; you don't have to dress as a dehydrated camel.

    It's quite tough to be accepted as well; you normally won't get it the first year; unless a good runner or can prove you'll make a packet (apparently).

    If I remember right was it polar69 who ran last year? If so you can ask him
  3. Support a good charity.
    Ask lots of rich people.

    Do something to make you stand out from everyone else running a marathon. Dress up, carry a bergan etc.


    Edited to add: Look here too
  4. Thats right I ran it last year, well most of it :p

    Its 4 months or so away, and the numbers were dished out last week so if you didnt enter by the end of october you are too late !!

    I didnt get in this year ( phew ) but I can tell you its a huge commitment, not only the months of running, sometimes I was getting home at 22:00 and doing a 15 mile run ( ******* hero me ! ) but also if you are doing it for charity wringing money out of benfactors is a tad hard sometimes too !!

    But I had great support from the guys and gals on here, would I do it again ? Too right

    Read my blog for my thoughts on training and the big day

    Good luck
  5. Poet,

    The ballot for 2007 has already been drawn for individuals entering, so unless you've already been allocated a place the only way in now would be with a charity's 'Golden Bond' place. Ask some of your favourite or local charities if they still require runners, but bear in mind there will usually be a minimum sponsorship amount you have to guarantee raising. You'll have to move fast though, places are like rocking horse poo.

    I wasn't fortunate enough to get a place for 2007, but am still training and have been placed on a reserve list to run for the Royal British Legion and am in contact with a few others.

    Don't give up, keep training and as for fundraising having just raised £2k recently I found a combination of begging/bullying/blackmailing/brute force/tenacity works reasonably well :D

    Best of luck.