London marathon - Para - 40lbs - 3hrs 20?

At least he will be outdoing mo farah too.

Best of luck to the fella. Very admirable

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Good luck to him, I managed 3hrs 24mins a few years back......would have been a different story with 40lbs on my back though !
Having only recently completeing my 30, I can say in honesty I wish him the very best, he'll need it. I certainly couldn't do it. I suspect that considering the sort of chap he appears to be , he'll do it!
Wow. Huge respect for even attempting it. Good luck to him.
So he'll knocking out 7 minute miles (ish) with a bergan for 3 hours and 20 minutes?

Great effort. Hope he smashes it/
Surely that time is impossible???? He's looking at doing a minute a mile quicker then it's ever been done before?
Wow, that's pretty impressive. And having once helped to install an AGA into a relative's kitchen...... Guy must be nuts. Good effort.

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Now I'm off for a beer, and pick up the fiver I won on a bet with some ex Merchant Navy dude.

Have a good night everyone

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