London Marathon Expo

Just back from the expo to get the old running number and picked up the usual bag of shite on the way out that they hand you, in it was the usual anti-blister, anti-chaffing, anti-smoking, anti everything. After a cursory glance in it I shoved it in my day sack, then, whilst sat at the station I thought I would peruse through it in expectation of something new. My eyes then glimpsed a can, what's this I thought. It was only a can of Fullers Pride! What the fcuk is a can of Fullers Pride doing in a marathon goody bag? Are they encouraging us to drink on the way round? A whole new world of sports drinks must surely be opening up. Oh, anyone know if Fullers is any good as I'm too scared to open it!
Fullers is your friend!

Don't they sponsor the marathon? I'd rather have a pint of Fullers London Porter after a run than an energy drink 8)
Go on Jack, get it down yer gregory.

Sounds like genius to me - drag your ass round the course, collapse against the railings at buck house and tuck into your (now quite shaken and probably unnervingly warm) can of booze 8)
Sounds like a good idea. Attach it with string to a pole mounted on your hat so that it dangles in front of your eyes just out of reach.
Paris Marathon hands out wine, cider and oysters towards the end. People actually stop and try them............... all I got at the finish was an apple.


Why on earth do you need Fullers Earth on the marathon?
Expecting to be nuked?'s_earth
oldbaldy said:
Why on earth do you need Fullers Earth on the marathon?Expecting to be nuked?'s_earth
To soak up the sweat from between my arrse cheeks!!
Don't knock it. I stopped for a Guinness last year & managed to blag it for free. Dontcha just love them crowds!!!

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