London Marathon 2007

I will be running next years London Marathon again as well as variuos other races as a build up to the big day.

This time i will be running for the ELIMINATE LEAUKEMIA FUND.

My step father and very close friend both passed away a few months ago from cancer and this is my way of trying to help find a cure for this disease which will touch 1 in 3 of us in the future.

Im sure everyone on here knows of a family member or close friend who has had dealings with cancer so it would be nice if i could count on a little support from you lot????..................................No pressure.

Be it a pound or one hundred pound all is very very welcome.

You can pm me for more details or visit my fundraising page to donate.

Thanks for your time and best wishes,


The Elimination of Leukaemia Fund (ELF) raises funds to advance the treatment and cure of leukaemia and related blood cancers. Each year in the UK over 21,500 people contract a blood cancer. Today 80% of children with leukaemia and 50% of adults under 65 years, are cured.
Charity Registration No 282886

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