London Marathon 07 - the ballot results are out.


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Anyone else receive the good news/bad news this morning? Majorly peeved that I didn’t get in but I don’t give up that easily and have already emailed RBL and Combat Stress. Any suggestions for other charities that are accommodating and don’t have too scary minimum sponsorship amounts? (not that I would shirk fundraising responsibility but my powers of persuasion for pledges would be severely tested as I’ve very recently raised over £2k by doing a fast solo 90 mile hike of Hadrian’s Wall!)

I’ve set my heart on running FLM07 for a good cause, any pointers would be gratefully received.


Have you thought of contacting your local football club? There used to be a competition within the main race where each of the Premiership, Football League and Scootish league teams were allowed to enter a small team (3-4 runners) running in their team's colours.

I know of few people who have done this in the past. It also had the advantage of using the small start (Green) used for the celebs and the "good for age". This means that you get over the start line quickly.

Not sure is this is still a feature of FLM. I'll ask around and see what I can find out. If I manage to find out anything (either way) I'll post an update here. (or call the FLM office number is 020 7902 0200) but this will probably be v busy for the next few days

By, the way, the football club may need pointing in the right direction as they may not be aware of the position either

Editted to add FLM office number

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