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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Whiskybreath, Mar 8, 2011.

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  1. There was a time - back when BJ was Master of the Universe and Paid for His Round - when there was a monthly meeting of minds in the Smoke, and which went west when some toadskinned journo found out about it, apparently. I only made it a couple of times but was at home again for the few hours it lasted.

    I've now been in town for a couple of years, commuting in to London Bridge a couple of times every month, and have missed meeting the People that I knew all those years ago. A few chats with others - LinkedIn, Facebook (sorry) included, leads me to think that a monthly ale in the town amongst friends could be useful - cathartic, even.

    I want it to restart. Who's up for it?
  2. Oh, I think that's a marvellous idea. We could revert to the obvious, the lizards will have lost the Post-It note with the details by now.
  3. Sounds good, same location, same day, same timing (roughly), beginning next week?
  4. I was only ever attached to you fcukers. I still have chests to poke and opinions to offer...... no not really. I'd be up for that if invited.
  5. I'd be an occasional attender at best - don't currently get up to the Big Smoke that often, but a Thursday early evening chest-poking as a regular thing sounds an excellent idea. I don't suppose one more near-geriatric smelling faintly of wee would make a difference, Alec, I'm sure you'd be most welcome.
  6. Hmm, trips to the smoke are few and far between these days. The last one involved meeting up with Rebel at a Hotel near Heathrow - no funny business going on mind! If these happen I will appear by magic one Thursday in the alley.
  7. I thought it had moved a bit up the road near where the Lions seldom roar ! Although I must confess the latter doesn't have the same ambience and cosy atmosphere of the split level original (or friendly barmaid with big tits).
  8. I think the venue with accn both sides of the alley is probably fine.
  9. I plan to be there next Thurs afternoon, look for someone doing a poor impersonation of Biggles.
  10. There was a meeting in an London club last night for many of the 'old and bold' NI vets. There was a good smattering of your lads. I'd only gone along to meet up with a former master of ceremonies (MC) of a laundry group, whom I'd hadn't seen in a few years. Good evening in all.
  11. We can probably arrange for you to stand four square to the bar if you want. Chaps of a certain age need to steady themselves on something, after all....
  12. You got it. I saw him regularly up to a few years ago when I changed locations in London.
  13. So it's the Coal Hole again?
  14. All edited out for alzheimer's. I'll be there 1st thursday next month.
  15. Traditional location. Thursday 14th. About 1700. A fair number already in. Spread the good word.