London Jocks..

....Just wondering what you think about Mortars?
Its not that they've nicked ours, so much as ours might be ending up with them....
Call me old fashioned, but if my gang where going to re-role as a Mortar platoon and an introductory cadre was being ran internally, by the current mortar platoon, I'd think it not the worst idea in the world to actually turn up.

Particularly if it was leading to a Live Fire..

Might help a bit when all those nasty black tripods, tube things, Game Boy computers etc got handed over and some subject matter knowledge was expected....
Naaah, just make you a Nice Cup Of Tea...
here you are!

I heard an interesting comment very recently, concerning the lack of Jocks on the Mortar cadre. Seems that Someone warned off the blokes, saying that nothing is cast in stone and if the Jocks turn up on the cadre its more likely that they will become a Mortar platoon.

I'll let you guess what my opinion of that is, but if the guys had turned up, they'd be dropping bombs and calling in Fire Missions in the very near future.

But BB,

Mortars are loud heavy nasty things. Maybe you should just bite the bullet and learn to wear a skirt if you really don't want to lose out?
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