London Jobs and Accomodation

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by g2_loony_bin, Sep 4, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone give me a heads up on the jobs available to our kind in London?

    Also where and to what standard is the married accomodation like?

    By PM if needed, of course.

    Much obliged!
  2. Try here for jobs:

    The Firm

    here for housing:


    hope it helps
  3. It doesn't actually, did you mean to put those gay websites at the end of those links?
  4. Check your PM
  5. oh come on, i know at least one ex-corps guy who got a job with stonewall :)

    open your eyes a little. and your butt-cheeks.
  6. Just the one?
  7. No those links just defaulted after I typed in 'Int Corps jobs in London'. :roll:
  8. Come on TERP you know you really want it, I bet you've secretly been gagging for a bit of CMT action all these years :oops:
  9. Why London? Its a shite hole!
  10. It's better than Bulford.
  11. got a point there
  12. I hear the Int Guys with 49 Para get some good jobs in London.

    Apparently they get a "loft style" apparment each, always in meetings with Henno, Bodie and Doyle at Thames Cross and Charing House :wink:
  13. London is one of those extremely rare places where its actually better to go as a singley than as a pad. Used to be the case that if single, you got to swank it up in a flat in the Docklands or somewhere, but if you were married, they would put you in a shite quarter miles away.
  14. Still the same. The trick was convincing the wife that she should stay in the sticks and look after the kids so she didn't have to leave her job. Then I could live the life in a top notch joint. The blag that I was living in squalour worked a treat until Mrs gr decided that she wanted to see where I live. Ooops - rumbled. :roll: