it a sh1thole ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by LoneTree, Jun 21, 2007.

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  1. Ok , having to work in this festering cauldron of filth 4 days a week , I have came across the following observations. It stinks , its expensive, its filthy, unfriendly, dangerous in parts, roads are a nightmare & still charge you £8 for the privalage,its run down, has a fashist left mayor, no traffic wardens speak English, its overcrowed, the roads are potholed & rutted, the bus drivers are all w4nkers (dont even start me on Nigerian minicab drivers), nobody gives a feck , rude & arrogant , or stuck right up thier own ass.

    Can you just imagine what a disaster the 2012 games are gonna be ? Is it about time this laughing stock of a Capital City got a kick up the arrse? Who else is,nt proud of thier Capital City ?

  2. Nuke it and be done.
  3. Let me guess your not from London are you? Are you in the capital seeking welfare payments? Or have you just started a cleaning job?
  4. The things they teach these illegal aliens to say these days is getting serious

  5. Oh that's a good 'un!! Actually made me laugh out loud! .....I think a bit of pee came out..

    T C
  6. Who me ? I was born in Shepards Bush & grew up there until the folks saw sence & moved out of the sh1thole when I was 8 years old. 8 years too bloody late TBH.

  7. I have been to London many times I do enjoy visiting it and do know of a cheap place to stay while doing so, there is so much to see and do, Museums, sights, history, hidden interesting parts like Nottinghill market not far from Oxford Street, havin said that, I could not live there.
  8. And made you smell like the City.
  9. Was brought up in London and lived there for twelve years. I loved the place then, I have been back serveral times since I moved away in 1986 and it's worse everytime I go back. There always seems to be an increase in the cardboard city campers. 2012 looks like it's going to go Pete Tong.
  10. So your either a refusnik who wishes to denigrate your birthright to ingratiate yourself with some sort of stoneage countryside tribe, or your a victim of false memory syndrome: despite what your family claimed - no doubt to wow the local primitives and secure a better place around the camp fire, you were never born in London.
  11. As in wealth, taste and good tailoring.....sounds like The Cheat
  12. ??? :?
  13. I moved to London 17years ago, from a shitty wee town outside Glasgow (Greenock, if you must know :oops: ) There was mass unemployment, the start of a pretty heavy drug culture and a girl pissed me off. I left.

    I now live a 25min train journey from the city centre and I get paid (well) above the national average for my job. I know that I'll NEVER be able to buy a property, that a pint is £3+ and that my neighbour is a dossing, migrant baby factory.

    But...I've got some of the best museums in the world, great outdoor events in the summer (Foo Fighters AND Motorhead last year) and I get to play with all the little tourist girlies who pop over for Wimbledon Tennis

    I love my hometown, I had a great time there as a kid and it's great to visit but I'm pretty fond of The Smoke too.

    British by birth, Scottish by the Grace of God....Londoner by postcode
  14. So wealth, taste and good tailoring stink of piss then?
  15. Hmm... Spot on! Have we met?

    Was that you with the balaclava and the hunting knife? You promised you'd call me...

    T C