London Irish Rifles (D Coy) - Potential recruits evenings

If you are interested in joining the TA come to the potential new recruit nights at Connaught House, Flodden Road, Camberwell, London SE5 9LL (nr. Oval Tube station)

The LIR is looking for good men and women so come yourself and bring along anyone you know who has two of everything and might be interested in joining London’s most elite TA Rifle Coy.

We are also looking to take on some experienced TA or ex regular SNCO’s as we have several SGT’s mess posts to fill in the Coy. Rank range experienced senior Cpl to WO2.

The Program includes a short presentation, a look at training, a brief about ATP 08 in Georgia, hands on some weapons and some scoff and a beer in the bar.

For information on dates of potential recruit nights please call D Company on 02078204040

Faugh-a-Ballagh (Clear the Way!)


Ever thought about putting an ad or letter in The Metro about this?
good idea about The Metro . . . we can put a photo of a naked female recruiting officer on it, that wud draw in the recruits by the 1000's ! :p haha

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