London Hussars (Putney)?

mates son is thinking of joining the TA in London. Someone has recommended that he join the Hussars in Putney, not heard of that unit myself. Any info gratefully received
The-Daddy said:
I'd give F Coy (Royal Rifle Volunteers) a look - not sure I'd like being in a NBC detection unit
Without descending into a dick-swinging contest, we do an awful lot more than NBC detection.

Eg, we just got back from camp where we deployed as dismounted infantry and did range work up to section attack.

Some are off to Gibraltar (next month I think) doing real world stuff and not just training and courses.

I know the opportunities are similar in every unit - and I am absolutely NOT in any way denigrating F Coy - but don't be fooled by the NBC (now CBRN) thing.

Now is a good time for any potential recruit to join: not just because, with the re-roling, there are lots of interesting courses coming up (eg talk in the bar last night among some of the lads was doing P Company) but also because we've got a huge pile of recruits going through at the mo and (IMO) it's always better to go through recruits in a group than on your own.

Excellent though the website is, by far and away the best way to judge is to come in on a Wednesday night, any time from 7.30 to 9.30.
ssupersixfour said:
Some are off to Gibraltar (next month I think) doing real world stuff and not just training and courses.
And a half-dozen or so are off (Chilwell permitting) on Op TELIC 9 in the inf role.

Point is, the infantry is a noble calling and good fun. Your mate's son can by all means check out F Coy, the Paras, etc. But the RY do much more than detect funny smells - and variety, dear boy, is yadda yadda.

[edited to add: Or no smells, of course.]

Tell your mate's son to visit a number of units before making up his mind.

He will immediately see which ones are switched on and welcome recruits and which ones don't.

I, for one, would be glad to see the results of his survey posted in this forum.

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