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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by piespies, Jun 21, 2006.

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  1. Evenin' all...

    have searched for an answer to this but no joy.

    Question is, as a TA Officer, is one entitled to membership of the servicemen's clubs (In & Out/Rag/VSC) or is it only Regs? The club websites don't make it at all clear...



    PS And if so, can anyone recommend the best (both in value for money and quality)
  3. Look more closely. I know the answer is on the VSC website.

    I thought officers were supposed to be capable of conducting their own research.

    (And wouldn't you expect to get a better answer from the Officers Forum?)
  4. The VSC is hardly in the same league as the in and out!!!!!!

    The Special Forces Club lets STABs in though!
  5. Thanks Hantslad for the constructive comments - as for the VSC - the website says one thing on one page, and another on another, but doesn't mention reservists by name, which is why I asked the question. Oh, and puttees, does ARRSE not constitute research?
  6. So is that the motivation for becoming a TA Officer then, the eligibility of joining a "Gentlemen’s Club"?? So your not motivated by the idea of being a leader of men, soldiering on ops etc, just getting into a fancy club that makes you look good in your city job? This just raises the question of;

    TA Officers, why have them, are they worth the pay they draw or are they just a waste of rations?

    If that is the reason you (and others like you) became officers, then clearly RCB/DAB is a farce and clearly does not work.
  7. Sorry. I thought this was about porn. I'll leave.
  8. I joined the In and Out as a TA private, so standards have certainly slipped :)
  9. Yup, in my unit, it's more common for the ORs to be members of clubs than the officers. The Officers' Mess is their club - why wd they need another one?

    My boss has just joined the In & Out. If they're all like him then I wouldn't bother.
  10. or join the HAC as it is a club aswell as a regiment
  11. GinstersSpook, as a matter of asking, how old are you?

    A number of the young members committees for the London clubs have started arranging a series of joint events or providing invitations to their own events to other clubs. If you fit into the required age bracket, it doesn't really matter which one you belong to as you can get invited around to the others!
  12. The VSC is like the Union Jack Club - a nice old service institution that got demolished by the planners and is now a Holiday Inn for anyone passing through London. I wouldn't touch it with a tent pole.

    The Army & Navy has a great location on Pall Mall but the building is modern and so doesn't really have the atmosphere of the other clubs.

    The In & Out is housed in a very pleasant old building, has a good bar, seating outdoors, interesting talks. It is streets ahead of the other two, I'd say.
  13. So they are not in fact allowed to enjoy other facets related to the hard work, some of which you mentioned, they have put into gaining that comission?

    No where did this fellow say he had gained his comission for this purpose and I rather feel that you sir are being a stereotype of a soldier with a chip on his shoulder regarding his own background and probable lack of social advancement past his local.
  14. Yes but he said a Gentlemen's Club :D not one for both genders