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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by the_creature, Dec 1, 2009.

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  1. the_creature

    the_creature War Hero

    Just wondering how to use the London gazette to find commissions of officers.
    do I type in a name, army number, the date. The reason why I ask is due to the fact im a stupid twat with no sense of direction via internet such as the London gazette.
  2. yes helps if you can put in a date field
  3. I use the search facility at the London Gazette quite often. A very useful tool in addition to tracking down officers & awards.

    Use the Advanced Search facility.

    If you have a surname and a number then it is a doddle. Put one in the "exact" box and the other in the "must contain" and you're away. If you have dates so much the better.

    I'd quote the exact box names but I'm having problems linking to the site just now.
  4. That's the first time I've seen my commissioning notice.

  5. broken_man

    broken_man War Hero

    I find you can't go wrong with a service number and a surname. Service number alone throws up some quite random things, and obviously unless it's a fairly unique surname that alone will not be great.
  6. Arrse_onist

    Arrse_onist War Hero

    I cant bloody figure out how to use the Gazette. I have the following details i want to research;


    I have tried different combinations of searches but cannot find any relevant information regarding service or awards. Can anybody help??
  7. Do you know for certain that he earned any gallantry awards?
  8. Daxx

    Daxx LE

    do a search purely by service no.
  9. Arrse_onist

    Arrse_onist War Hero

    Does the Gazette only show gallantry awards? Does it not confirm information such as enlisted dates and operational service etc?
  10. I thought it only showed commissioning dates and gallantry awards only. I am often wrong though.
  11. Arrse_onist

    Arrse_onist War Hero

    Hi Daxx, i tried this but it came up with two other individuals!?

    Pte Kelly and Sjt Barnes
  12. no only things like LS&GC awards, look on a family tree website for military records
  13. Fat_Cav

    Fat_Cav LE

    Unfortunately Pond Life don't get a mention! Hope that helps?
  14. Arrse_onist

    Arrse_onist War Hero

    Oh right OK, that explains why I cant even find my own data.