London Firefighters voted for industrial action

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chucklingchimp, Sep 17, 2010.

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  1. Firefighters in London have voted by more than 9-1 to take industrial action in a row over new contracts,it has been announced.The Fire Brigades Union said its members had backed a campaign of disruption short of walkouts by 4,014 to 201,which was a majority of 95%.

    But the dispute could escalate after the FBU decided to hold another ballot of its members in London for strike action in the coming weeks.The Union now has the authority to call industrial action which could include a ban on overtime and withdraw of good will.It claims its members will be sacked unless they sign new contracts which would change shift patterns and mean worse terms and conditions.

    London Fire Commissioner Ron Dobson said following news of the ballot ``We are still very much in talks with the union to reach a compromise``.
  2. I seen this last night on Question Time. Isn't that what usually happens when you are given a new contract you sack yourself if you don't accept it?
  3. B & P: Agree'd

    It'll be interesting how this develops

    "The proposals, which will still mean firefighters work two days, two nights and have four days off, aim to make Londoners and firefighters safer by giving us more time in the day for essential fire prevention work and training. I am not asking firefighters to work more hours overall or proposing cuts."

    Firefighters strike ballot result due today - Home News, UK - The Independent
  4. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    "Hello. Welcome to the Ministry of Defence switchboard. Nobody is available to take your call, or provide manning to cover any strikes at the moment. Please try again later. Have a nice day."

  5. No

    Just work to your old contract.
  6. brilliant!! Now what we need is CDS to keep a firm grip of the hairy egg sack and tell the govt we can't assist as the regt required is back on ops (again) or winding down in prep for chop for SDR ie rethink your cuts on the very guys who bail you out of the shit everytime!
  7. London Firefighters threaten to go on strike - golly, what a surprise!
  8. Just to clarify, after the last FRESCO (FIASCO?) the Firebrigades were told in no uncertain terms that the MOD does not plan for any further fire brigade strikes and that there is no chance of troops being available, and that a strike response was their own business.

    Now, whether this plan survives contact with a new goverrnment remains to be seen, but its been clear since 2002 that the MOD is no longer in the business of providing strike relief for the emergency services. I hope that the Ops Dir stand firm on that point, otherwise the last 8 years of policy and robust denial are going to look pretty bloody stupid!

  9. I agree with your 2nd statement & IIRC i'm sure there was an Government Amendment drawn up no long after FIASCO to support your statement.
  10. This is a chance for the RNR to show how useful they are and thereby save themselves from elimination in the forthcoming defence cuts. All matelots do a day at HMS Phoenix (or "Phoenix Fire Industries plc - A Walt Disney Company" as I believe it is known now).

    In fact, I've done several days at fire school and I once got inside a fire engine in about 1968 so MoD might want to recall me to the colours. Break out the canvas hoses, brass AFFF inductors and fearnaught suits and I'll show these commie b@stards that breathing apparatus is for poofs. If you can't breathe unaided in a smoke filled room after a lifetime of Woodbines you're a malingerer.
  11. Sounds like what happened up here in yorkshire maybe they will lose out on a bit of kip.
  12. A_M: Is'nt Excellent nr the dockyard the main Firefighting trg establishment? could you clarify?
  13. [​IMG]

    Ding Ding - seconds out, ROUND THREE

  14. Classic :)
  15. HMS Excellent is on a "semi-island" build by French PoWs during the Napoleonic wars IIRC and connected to civilization by a sort of causeway. We stayed there while attending courses at the damage control school - it was part of HMS Nelson in my day. Loads of other training establishments there too - drill school, gunnery school, divisional school, survival school, ships full of sea cadets and also the field gun neanderthals when that used to be a full time job.

    Not exactly sure where the NBCD school is located now as it has been privatised. I also did some courses at the fire school in Rosyth too but I expect that is long gone now.