London Fire Brigade to cut overtime

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Boris3098, Mar 9, 2011.

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  1. Not such a big story, brigades do use pre arranged overtime to cover staff shortages.
    But here's the thing.
    I saw this news on BBC this morning and googled it to see if there was any more detail:
    London Fire Brigade to cut overtime

    This is page 20 of the results:

    There are at least twenty pages (probably more, I got bored!) of every news service having the IDENTICAL story!

    So who send out these stories?
    I've long noticed that the new government often has "today's hate news!"
    Yesterday it was the police overtime.
    Almost like they're doing it on purpose!
  2. More likely a PR/Media consultancy sending out the same story to all the wire services and other media groups.
  3. Just never seen it before.
    This lot do have their pet news stories. Remember the Headteacher and Doctor who both earned more than call me Dave?
  4. 'tis the wire services as they used to be know. Associated Press or Reuters or whomever.

    Basicaly they chuck these stories out and local editors can pay for them. Or increasingly these days all those 'local' papers are in fact the same newspaper with different advertising and a few local colour stories. Oh the joys of cut and paste. In my area there are three different local rags, 2 of which have different versions for parts of the county. They are all 95% identical despite different names and front pages if you ignore the adverts and all belong to the mail group IIRC. These days their web sites are all cut and paste as well. So we're probably talking about a staff of 2-3 people for 6 or 7 'newspapers' plus the folk who actualy print them all up somewhere central.
  5. Iam a cop and I am fed up telling my gaffers that I do not want to work overtime. Do they listen, no they don,t and the public do not understand that there are not enough Cops out there to do the job. It seems like T MAY wants it all ways!
  6. Yes, but they are probably capable of their jobs.

  7. I wouldn't with yours, she's a munter of the first order.
  8. Always find the term "staff shortages" difficult to reconcile with the current unemployment rate. If there's money for higher rate overtime, surely it must be cheaper in the long term to simply employ more people?!

    Or, not being an economist ot politician, am I missing something I/we are not aware of?

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  9. New staff cost money to recruit & train and, possibly, more on employers NI contributions & pension and work equipment. Depending on the duration of the extra work that can make premium overtime cheaper than more staff
  10. Often cheaper to get rid of staff, with all the associated expense, and rely on existing staff to cover. Especially as in many jobs now, overtime is not at enhanced rates, and doesn't count towards pension.
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I certainly remember when they included overtime for pension by making it an earnings rather than salary based final figure on BR. The amount of 60 plus year olds dropping dead after spending 72 hours a week at work for their last few years instead of winding down.
    I made a point of limiting the overtime I did and deliberately not taking long sundays which paid little compared to short saturday night shifts which were enhanced.
    Having kids I appreciated lazy mornings and would shift swap my earlies for anyones lates, after 1800 it was enhanced and I got to go home at kicking out time when the kids were already tucked in!
  12. Reuters/AP... The same place the vast majority of news articles come from. Do the same with just about any news item and you'll get the same (or slightly amended) versions on every news site.
  13. Your mob are clearly next for the government hatchet job. At least you've got a union with teeth as opposed to the useless fookers my former colleagues have to look after their interests.
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The FBU will be safe till be get the troops back from the sandpit, then watch and shoot!

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  15. The Army don't provide defensive emergency fire cover any more for strikes etc.

    The contract was awarded to Securitas to provide 600+ fully trained security officers for defensive emergency fire fighting capability for London Borough Fire Authority. The in depth training is provided by Lincs Fire Service & AssetCo, and officers are ready and able to deploy within 24hrs notice to take over fire stations and fire appliances to provide fully functioning crew cover for 999 calls under Police escort if necessary.