London fire brigade and the TA??

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by the_beer_man, May 11, 2011.

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  1. I'm sure this has been covered before but a quick search didn't show anything up.

    Looking to apply for the LFB but can't find anything regarding their reserves policy. Has anyone got any info on this? Are you serving TA and LFB? Last I heard it was down to the individual watch and any mobilisation would require a career break (on that note what would happen with wage matching?). But that info was provided by a county fireman so not sure if it was a nationwide policy.

    Any help appreciated. PM me if you want.

  2. theres a web forum called uk fire service resources,which may have the answer,may also help you with the application and testing.
    alas the job is not what it was,best of luck.
  3. when you strike during your proper job, you can stand in for yourself with your hobby job.
  4. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    My info isnt current, but i know one SNCO who was a member of LFB. I think they ran (run?) a similar ratio as the met i.e. no more than "insert random number" for the brigade.
  5. Mate I am in the HAC (ta) and just about to start training in LFB (applied nov 09)and its no biggy to do both we have an n.c.o and a headshed at our place ,your watch is worked out far in advance giving you loads of time to sort admin with T.A.
  6. Nice one. Did they say what the score was with mobilisation?

  7. Not fire brigade, but when we(not me yet, but plenty of others I know) get deployed its put down as special leave/career break. However, a mandate DD to you bank is set up in order that the pension contributions from you can still be paid and the MOD match the employer one. The 6 months/9 months whatever length you do is also taken into consideration for accruing annual leave/wage increments as per the steps on your service bracket. Wage is also matched to police wage. They also make no fuss about you going away.........Yet.
  8. Hi mate.

    I'm LFB and TA, have done both for over 10 years.

    Rules are this.

    To join the TA while in the LFB you have to apply for permission to become a reservist. There is a list and they allow something like 8-10% of thier overall numbers to be in. The list is currently full.

    If you are in the TA and are joining the LFB you will be told (not asked) to leave. And then apply for permission after you have passed your training course, and when given permission you will then be allowed to rejoin.
    No one checks if you have left though.

    You get upto 21 days unpaid leave to attend Reservist training, ok when you are a high rank but a kick in the balls when you are only a Tpr and on £35 a day.

    Mobilisation, the Brigade are fine with it and dont object even if you do go over the offical amount of mobilisations in a 5 year period. As per the post on the Police, that is basically the way the LFB do it.

    Any questions please pm me as I was one of the people who helped write the LFB policy on this.
  9. Carlos I was unaware that you had to leave(hyperthetically),therefore in principal I should say "I will leave post haste" but realisticly get through LFB treining and just keep shtum?
  10. Which would all go wrong if you've started DIE training and are due to mobilise in the next 12-18 months.
  11. Not due to mobilise ,would wait until after 1st probationary year and re-asess status...............
    I mean waiting so bloody long to get into LFB , I wouldn't jepordise that .
    We are quite fortunate at our T.A that a high percentage of "swinging dicks" have been on tour and its not a case of "why are you not going on tour?"..................its "when are you going on tour?"
  12. I was told to leave and asked for a discharge cert. I told them I would leave when I recieved a contract from them, after I got the contract and started I was never asked again.....

    And for info, your probation will last for longer than a year. It is candidate led and can be done in 18 months but usually its 2 to 4 years.

    How far through the HAC are PSC? If so then it shouldnt to be much of a problem, during PSC you will be hard pressed to meet the weekend commitments.

    So, when are you going on tour....?
  13. Thanks for the heads up I have not really had a chance to talk to the other members of HAC regarding probationary period etc as they are either in HQ det or on the recruits two year stint.
    Post p.s.c and in the newly reformed 1 sqn doing all that good "secret squirrel" stuff.

    As for going on tour I just look at the Jagger/Richards and await my destiny.

    Thanks again I have any hiccups ,will be in touch........................dont forget HAC open evening tommorow???.
  14. I will be there....come and have a chat if you want to know more...

    1 Sqn huh.....sheep shagger! lol....
  15. I believe I bumped into a load of HAC chappies on the Brecon Beacons this weekend......this was some tired looking fellas there I can tell you!