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  1. Three drunks were walking past the England National Stadum, in London.
    The first one says "Look - ish Wembley!"
    The second one says "Nah - itsh Thurshday."
    The third one says "Thatsh a good idea - letsh get a drink."

  2. And I thought you were going to mention the 4th Dec!!!!
  3. Hmmmmm.....me too. :D
  4. I thought he was talking about the recce....
    There was me and the two Drunken Dales i could see...... :oops:

    Beebs 8O
  5. Well it was 'Dec 4th'...back in '89 when ole
    Vincent van Gogh walked into the old NAAFI bar,
    and the bartender (LordFleshDart) asks him if he'd like a drink.

    "No thanks," says Vincent, "I've got one 'ere."