London District TACC Mod 2 & 3 at Grantham

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by henrik_larson, May 1, 2010.

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  1. My first ever ARRSE post. Hopefully many more to follow.

    I'm booked onto London Districts condensed 3 week TACC Mod 2 and 3 at Grantham this summer and was wondering if anyone had been on the course and can give me a heads up on what to expect? How intense is it, what's covered, what training areas are used etc?

    Are there any extra things I should take with me, learn or practice before I go on this course to make it easier as I know the course will be intense due to the time factor?

    Anyone else going on it?

  2. msr

    msr LE

  3. It is a tough course if you cant pick the estimate up.

    You will need to be fit, all field exercises are done wearing CBA (minus plates) and carrying CEFO so get out running. Dont think doing 5 miles in the gym on a running machine will be ok, it isnt. Get out and do 5 miles on the road/hills and get used to walking carrying weight. The fitter you are the less stress your body will be under so you can think more.

    Become a ninja on section attacks, section battle drills and platoon attacks/battle drills. The first half of the course will be mainly classroom baised as you are taught the estimate and you learn it, then the second part will be in the field for a week or more putting it into practace. There isnt time to teach how to do a section attack so make life easier for yourself and learn how to do one before you arrive (if you dont already know).

    Bring lots of permanent lumi pens and some form of agent to wipe them off like nail polish remover, Lynx deoderant etc. Bring fablon, it helps when water proofing your command kit.

    A nice to have is a laptop and printer so you can make your own versions of command cards (like the ones in the enirex MSR posted).

    Model kit - get a good one (big enough to use on a full size poncho to give orders to a platoon, not just for a small half size poncho to a section).

    Barrack kit - you will be inspected every morning so iron, boot polish etc.
    Field kit - READ the joining insructions, it will say something about using non issue boots, smocks, day sacs. This comes from Sandhurst and you will not be allowed to use stuff. Turn up without the correct kit and expect to be RTU'd/sent home to get it like a naughty school boy.

    You will be living in the officers mess and using the facilites there so dress accordingly, eg suit and tie no jeans! It isnt a pub!

    Training areas... Well Grantham for a start then you move for the second half field phase to another area and spend it all in the field. No I'm not telling you which one, why would it matter. It will be green and wet either way.

    Good luck!
  4. I thought MOD 2 was ten weekends and MOD 3 8 days?

    Does it fit into 3 weeks?
  5. Yes, quite effectively.

    Not much to add to Carlos_Hathcock_II's post except that there are two exercises, one 3 days long, the other 7. Make sure your personal admin drills are slick or you will look like a prat.

    The link MSR posted has some excellent information, especially with regard to model kits.

    henrik_larson, if you have more specific questions contact Ex_Pompadour.
  6. msr

    msr LE

  7. OK , I defer to your better knowledge.

    However, why don't we always do it this way then rather than string it out over two years (skill fade etc). Surely, anyone who's serious about wanting to commission can take out three weeks?
  8. Bear in mind this is just Mods 2 and 3, Mod 4 (another 3 weeks) has to be completed within 6 months (IIRC) of competing Mod 3 - thus it would be 6 weeks TA time in much less than a year.

    Whilst this may suit University Cadet Force types (who tend to be the vast majority on Ex SUMMER LEADER), it is rather harder to arrange for those with paid employment.
  9. Thanks everyone for the advice and links it's very much appreciated!

    I'm a student so I'm lucky that I can do 3 weeks MOD 2 & 3 and then 3 week RMAS over my summer holiday. The problem for people with real jobs is that they would have to take 6 weeks off in a 6 month period to do it in the way I've done it as Mod 3 only lasts 6 months once passed. That said, I know of people who have done it like that before.

    Some mod 2 and 3's last 5 weeks in total i.e. 15 Bde. This is the shortest one going.

    One problem I might have is that I've not been able to attend any TA training in the field this year so my drills might be a bit slow. best be getting myself on an exercise.
  10. OK. Now I am confused.

    A combined Mod 2 and 3 in 15 Bde last 5 weeks but London Districts lasts only three.

    One is either too short or the other is too long.

  11. Mod 3's are normally always the same length due to you it being n ex in the field to test the skills and drills u learn in mod 2.

    I was offered several combined mod 2 and 3 courses, each of varying length. I guess some courses don't give you as much time to practice the skills before attending mod 3. I was told that on some courses you do extra stuff ie DITs courses and do a lot more running around in the field.
  12. London District do a weekend version of the Mod 3 lasting 5 weekends (one weekend is a Thursday night to Sunday)

    As long as the subjects are covered and the skills taught then the time scale can be different.

    Another way to look at it is this.

    The amount of passes LonDist OTW get at Sandhurst and the way they do the Mod 2 and 3 Cse, Vs the other RTC's OTW and the way they do the Cse.

    There is a bit of a shake up at the moment coming as the skills level of attendees on Mod 2 is getting lower each course.

    Add into the mix what Bailey said about time scales and 'life' of the Mod 3 pass and the fact that each Summer Leader is supposed to be for TA Soldiers and ends up being another 3 weeks paid time for OTC students who make up 90% of the course and then dont go to Sandhurst in Sept should make the head shed wonder why they are spending so much money for a course that is not attended by those it is aimed at and used as a 'summer job' by those not intending to commission.
  13. Heya,

    I'm booked on that too, in a moment of epic keenness and have realised what I'm in for when someone said to me 'no one does Mod 3 just for the money...'
    In regards to Carlos' point - does that have a moderating effect on how likely you are to pass and how hard they make it? I'm looking forward to the challenge and im going to hit the roof if it just caters for some dumb-ass OTC rah mong who cant even cock a rifle or do a CFT.
  14. msr

    msr LE

    I think you'll find the 'dumb-ass OTC rah mongs' tend not to be put forward for TACC, the ones you are likely to meet may well be very switched on, very fit and tend not to make disparaging comments about the TA.

  15. While what MSR is sort of correct this isnt TACC it is Mod 2/3 which has (for the last 2 years) been used as a 'get paid this Summer Course' by the OTC who have openly said at the start of the course that they are not booked in for TACC in Sept, and in fact some had not yet completed Main Board. Some were not even planning on commissioning at all!

    That said I know that this year the 'selection' (dare I used 'that' word) has been slightly tougher and insisting that the attendees are going to be on the Sept TACC and have already passed Briefing and Main Board. Hopefully that means that the students on the course will be worth the effort of the DS and the cost of running it.

    Also in the past the OTC who have attended and who were not planning on going to the the TACC were not a drain on the core but an aid to the tactics phase by keeping the numbers up to a Platoon size thus making the training for plt attacks worthwhile. Sort of.

    But it still used to fek me off!