London District Sandhurst Presentation 9 Dec

LDRTC will hold a presentation on the RMAS TA Commissioning Course on Tuesday 9 December at 2000. It will be at Yeomanry House, Handel Street, London WC1N 1NP.

The presentation will be given by subalterns who attended the July and September 2008 courses.

It is open to anyone in the TA commissioning system as well as serving soldiers who are hoping to be put forward for TAPO training. If you are not training with LDRTC, please p.m. me for further details and an invitation.

Dress for the presentation is C95 or jacket and tie/female equivalent.
I have changed your title so that it might make sense to someone :roll:

You need to think before you start throwing TLAs around the place.

Is there any chance this could be opened up to civvies?

Civvies considering the Direct Entry Commissioning scheme are welcome to come and will find this interesting. However, this presentation is focussed just on the Sandhurst phase of the commissioning course.

New civilian applicants in the London area should attend a recruiting presentation for Direct Entry candidates. These are given on the first Tuesday of each month at Yeomanry House, Handel Street, London WC1N 1NP. Details can be found on the London District Regional Training Centre website:
What was the turn out like?

Thanks for making it a Sticky.

There were about 25 present. Despite the power of ARRSE there was only one person we hadn't already got on our books.

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